UWM joins new $20 million institute on Great Lakes research

UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences is a partner in a new research institute focused on sustainable management of the Great Lakes. The Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research represents a partnership between nine universities across the Great Lakes region, plus nongovernmental organizations and private businesses. CIGLR is led by the University of Michigan and funded […]

McLellan gets grant to improve detection of sewage in waterways

Despite regulations against it, the release of untreated sewage into urban waterways is widespread, in part, because of leaks in the aging wastewater infrastructure. Nearly 30 percent of stormwater discharge points in Milwaukee show evidence of such contamination, said Sandra McLellan, a UWM professor of freshwater sciences. McLellan is heading a project that combines science […]

Reviving Green Bay’s dead zones

Pollution runoff creates oxygen-deprived pockets in the waters of Green Bay, and UWM researchers are helping to resuscitate them.

Aqua detectives

Freshwater scientists discovered a Lake Michigan mystery, and meticulously documented data to solve it.