Improving Outcomes for Children with Disabilities by Supporting Speech-Language Pathologists in Schools

Health Professions & Sciences (College of) / Rehabilitation Sciences & Technology (School of)


Children with disabilities can have difficulty accessing the curriculum and building peer relationships. Frequently, children with disabilities have difficulty communicating and receive services from speech-language pathologists (SLPs). The goal of this project is to provide technical assistance to SLPs and empower their school systems to provide the support needed for the implementation of best practices. We will achieve this goal by:
- Surveying SLPs, administrators, and families to understand the barriers and facilitators when implementing best practices
- Design modules to provide technical assistance to SLPs and school administrators
- Develop and refine outcome measures to test the effectiveness of support systems
- Test the effectiveness of support systems for SLPs

Tasks and Responsibilities

- Assist with literature reviews on best-practices in special education and speech-language pathology
- Compile data from online resources (e.g., census data, school characteristics)
- Assist with coding and interpreting data

Desired Qualifications