Melkisedec Hernandez

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Bolton Hall 192
Administrative Assistant & Student Liaison
Office of Undergraduate Research

Melkisedec Hernandez (He/Him/His) is in his Senior year majoring in Interpersonal Communications. He is a first generation, nontraditional, transfer student who started at UWM Spring of 2022 after graduating from MATC with his associates in Business Management. He quickly connected with various support groups and organizations at UWM such as The Roberto Hernandez Center and the Student Parent Success Program. He volunteered in research during the spring and became a McNair Scholar during the summer of 2022. After applying to SURF he now works alongside Dr. Erin Parcel as a research assistant in Voices of Gun Violence.  Melkisedec is applying to graduate schools for Counseling and graduates from UWM Spring of 2023. On his free time, he enjoys watching shows with his wife, going on walks with his family, and exploring the outdoors.