Middle Eastern & North African Studies

The Certificate in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENA) provides students with a thorough understanding of the languages, cultures, history, and societies of the region.

The Middle East has long played a critical role in global economics and politics. Often portrayed by the media as a place of endless conflict, the Middle East is incredibly complex and made up of numerous nations, each with its own political, religious, geographic, and economic structure and traditions. Student in the MENA certificate program explore this complex region by studying the area's literature, languages, history, politics, religion, and art.

The certificate may be of particular interest to students who plan to enter government service or global business, and complements a number of different majors including history, religious studies, political science, economics, business, geography, foreign languages, and anthropology. The program requires one year of either Arabic or Hebrew language courses.

Many students participate in a study abroad experience to build on their classroom. learning

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