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What is Women’s & Gender Studies?

Women’s & Gender Studies is an academic discipline that critically evaluates gender from an interdisciplinary perspective and challenges many traditional assumptions and theories about women that have excluded them from positions of power. It examines the practice and expression of gender in different societies and at different historical moments; it explores the various origins and articulations of gender differentiation; it traces the influence of gender expectations on individuals and it studies the interactions of gender and other differences in social, political, and cultural contexts. The feminist pedagogy used in Women’s & Gender Studies courses empowers all students to become active learners and social change agents through discussion, written work, collaborative projects, and practical involvement beyond the classroom.

What can I do with a Women’s & Gender Studies degree?

To learn more about potential and job opportunities please visit . . .

  • The Feminist Jobs Board, a project of the Feminist Majority Foundation, posts employment opportunities from across the country and internationally.

For more information about Women’s & Gender Studies contact Assistant Chair Melinda Brennan at qbrennan@uwm.edu or at (414) 251-8231.

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