Explore Identity, Power and Social Justice

Comparative Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary field comprised of topics from history, languages, literature, anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, and other social sciences and humanities. The core classes for the submajor and certificate examine global and local processes of migration and settlement and the ways policy and law, social movements, and popular culture shape social identities.

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About Comparative Ethnic Studies

Comparative Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program based in the College of Letters & Science. The program works cooperatively with university departments to offer courses designed to teach all interested students about various ethnic groups in the world. Unique to UWM, our program offers courses covering the Hmong diaspora.

The Comparative Ethnic Studies Program examines global and local processes of im/migration, and settlement, including the forces that shape the formation of cultural and social identities. It examines the histories, languages, religions, literature, and folklores of these groups, as well as racial and ethnic populations globally and in the U.S.

Comparative Ethnic Studies strives to produce new understandings about cultural diversity and social justice. It is open to students majoring in any field.

Rachel Ida Buff, Director