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If you are looking for program-specific information, visit the website for that program. This site contains general information widely applicable to the 100-plus programs in the College of Letters & Science.

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Information about admissions, transfer credits, AP credits, visiting campus, auditing, major choices, and more. Admissions counseling appointments or groups sessions available.
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Information about advising, requirements to graduate, Dean’s list, grade appeals, and more. Policies and procedures that apply to undergraduate programs in Letters & Science.
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General info for prospective graduate students. Academic info will be found on the program’s individual web page. Admissions info will be found on the Graduate School web page.
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Most information for current graduate students is specific to the program. We have some general information but recommend current graduate students contact their program.
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Campus Resources

UWM offers a wide range of on-campus resources, such as academic support and mental health resources. Students also find community within our student centers.

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