The College of Letters & Science offers undergraduate and graduate programming, including the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees; Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees along with several specialty master’s degrees, and the PhD. We are happy you are here to explore which program will best help you meet your professional and personal goals.

If you are here to complete a graduate program, you probably already know of our strengths in research and faculty expertise. UWM is the only public, urban, research university in the State of Wisconsin. The City of Milwaukee and the surrounding area provide a wealth of opportunity for application of graduate-level learning. We encourage you to explore your graduate program in more depth.

Perhaps you are here to begin your college career or to pick up where you left off at another university or at UWM years ago. Undergraduates will find many advantages to obtaining their bachelor’s degree from the College of Letters & Science at UW-Milwaukee:

  • A wide selection of classes not found at smaller schools
  • The opportunity and encouragement to take advantage of everything the City of Milwaukee has to offer in part-time jobs, volunteer positions, and internships
  • Hands-on research jobs and project roles not often available to undergraduates at larger universities where graduate students are given preference – of the 14 Schools and Colleges at UWM, L&S receives over half of the incoming research grant money
  • Access to faculty – even large, introductory lecture classes are taught by faculty with the assistance of graduate students
  • A path to graduate in four years for all of our majors – students who enter college prepared to begin college-level work, who meet regularly with their advisor to stay on track with the selection of a major and credit loads, and who promptly meet all registration deadlines are able to plan an efficient path to graduation

Whether you know your major, have narrowed it down to a few choices, or are completely undecided, we encourage you to explore our majors and programs in  depth to learn about the required coursework, the student opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, and the career possibilities.