Linguistics is the scientific study of language. Students of linguistics do not necessarily seek fluency in a second or third language. Instead, they study the components that make up any given language - the syntax, the grammar, the regional differences, the slang, the pronunciations, the symbols, the changes over time, how people learn a language, and more.

At UWM, Linguistics students can opt for a broad linguistics major which will touch on all aspects of language development and learning. Or, students can choose an applied linguistics major which will focus more on using the principles of linguistics in a business setting such as in the classroom to help students learn a second language, in a social service agency that deals with illiteracy, or at a software company working on search engine optimization terms.

Many students find that acquiring advanced fluency in a second or third language beyond their native tongue is helpful for understanding the commonalities and differences between languages. However, no additional foreign language is required beyond the standard requirement for Letters & Science students - 4 years in high school of the same language or 4 semesters in college of the same language.

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