Global Health

The Global Health Certificate provides students with an understanding of the global burden of disease and the principles, language, and measurement tools used in global health. Students explore ethical issues along with the impact of different cultures, religions, and histories on health and healthcare.

The world is economically, politically, culturally, and technologically connected and interdependent with increasingly mobile populations seeking economic opportunity, security, and safety as a result of civil unrest, regional conflicts, diminished natural resources, poverty, and disease. Some health problems and issues remain isolated and contained to certain locations or populations, but more and more health matters cross borders. Solutions and approaches must take a global approach, and individuals with these perspectives will be in high demand.

This certificate is interdisciplinary in nature and draws on coursework from nursing, biomedical sciences, geography, political science, anthropology, economics and more. When paired with a related major, the Global Health Certificate prepares students to work in changing environments and with diverse populations. Careers that deal with access to health services, health disparities, cultural health practices, health education and pharmaceutical distribution are all possibilities.

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