The Committee Interdisciplinary Major with a focus in Chinese language and culture is a vital program with growing importance and value as China expands its role as a super power in world economics, manufacturing, technology, and politics.

Each year more and more students are joining the ranks of the 1.4 billion people who speak Mandarin, the official language of the People's Republic of China and of Taiwan.

Many students now can find Chinese instruction in their high schools. At UWM, students can continue their high school studies or begin from the first semester of Chinese language instruction. We offer eight semesters of Chinese language, and equally as important, we offer an array of classes on Chinese culture. Students can explore classes in Chinese art, Chinese film, the use of Chinese in business settings, Chinese and Asian history, and the politics and religions of the region.

While the study of any Asian language is challenging for native English speakers because of their vast differences from English, students often find it is less difficult than they lead themselves to believe. Successful students of Chinese will dedicate the necessary daily time to practice and repeat...and practice and repeat.

The Chinese minor is ideal for students looking to gain a competitive advantage in the job market by combining Chinese language skills with their primary major. Students in the Chinese minor take a series of intermediate level language courses and must complete at least one additional elective course.

Students are encouraged to participate in UWM's well-established study abroad program. Destinations are available in more than 70 sites around the world and vary in length from a few week immersion, to semester-long, to even a full year. Because of the complexities of planning a study abroad experience, students are encouraged to start planning early in sophomore year. Most students engage in study abroad during the second half of sophomore year or during their junior year.

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