Singer, Alan

Honors Faculty

PhD Modern British History, University of Missouri
MA European History, Northern Illinois University
BA History, Northern Illinois University

Alan primarily teaches Honors courses which focus on social and intellectual history. His courses have included Turmoil, Tragedy and Triumph: Europeans in the Twentieth Century, The Idea of Progress in History, and The Oldest Hatred: The Jewish People as the Perpetual Other. He also teaches a study abroad course in London with Honors College faculty member, Dr. David Southward, Royals and Rebels: The History and Culture of Britain. Alan’s research focuses on how cultural representations of Jews were used to criticize the development of political and economic liberalism. He is currently co-authoring a book on the public controversies over Jewish immigration in eighteenth century Great Britain. Alan also works with Honors College assistant director, Dr. Jill Budny, on developing partnerships with Milwaukee Public Schools faculty and students. When not working, Alan enjoys his time with his family. He also likes to play guitar, listen to music, cycle, and watch baseball.