Daigle, Lindsay

Associate Teaching Professor & Writing Specialist

PhD English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
MFA Creative Writing, The New School
BA English and Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Lindsay Daigle has been teaching writing at UWM since 2011, in the Honors College since 2016, and has been the Honors Writing Specialist since 2021. With such themes as invisibility, place & space, melancholy, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lindsay’s 200-level courses examine multimedia and interdisciplinary texts through a rhetorical lens, always with the goal of better understanding and showing compassion for others and one’s self. Her upper level classes combine critical discussions with creative writing workshops to explore how art connects and disconnects us. Lindsay also coordinates and teaches Honors 199, the 1-credit companion course to English 102. As both an instructor and a writing consultant, Lindsay’s goals in the Honors College are to actively contribute to our community’s inclusive and antiracist values, to encourage and support students’ ideas, and to always meet students where they’re coming from.