Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsors: An Overview of a Vital Yet Unacknowledged Nonprofit Industry

Presenter: Dan Neely, UW-Milwaukee

Originally Presented: November 5, 2015 – 5.00–6:00pm, UW-Milwaukee, Curtain Hall, Room 124

This presentation describes and examines nonprofit fiscal sponsors i.e. an already existing nonprofit organization agreeing to provide a legal home and support for currently unincorporated nonprofit entities. Using data from a national fiscal sponsor directory containing over 200 fiscal sponsors this presentation addresses a range of questions including: what type of nonprofit organization serves as fiscal sponsors, how many projects do they sponsor, what type of projects do they sponsor, and what type of support do they offer, and to how does the answer to these questions differ by the type, size and age of the fiscal sponsor? Finally, what do the fiscal sponsor receive in return, if anything, for their services?

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