Congratulations on your admission to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Graduate School! This page is intended to provide you with your next steps and to highlight quick, easy access to key resources for newly admitted graduate students. We also encourage you to reach out to your program.

Next Steps

Begin by watching our Newly Admitted Graduate Students video and then follow the steps below.

Accept Your Admission

If you haven’t already, please let us know you are accepting your admission through the Panthera application system. You should have received an email letting you know there was a “Status Change” to your application. Log into Panthera, and after you read your letter of admission, click “continue” and you will see a new box that reads “Accept Your Admission.” Here is where you can accept or decline.

Activate Your ePanther Account

Your ePanther account is your university login for PAWS, email, etc. Activate your ePanther account and establish your password. You will need your ePantherID.

Set Up Your UWM Email

Even though you likely have a personal email account, your UWM email will be key for communicating with faculty, university staff and other students about assignments, dates and important deadlines. The UWM email account will be the only way in which university staff will be able to communicate with you. We caution against forwarding your UWM email to your personal account because the messages may be sent to your junk mail. Set up your email here:

Contact Your Advisor or Program Representative

Please reach out to your advisor (found in your PAWS record) or graduate program representative to develop academic plans, communicate any concerns and connect with campus resources.

Enroll for Classes

Information on how to use PAWS to search for, add and drop classes, as well as how to use waitlists, can be found at UWM’s One Stop.

Grad School Policies and Procedures

You will benefit from reviewing the policies and procedures that surround your higher education career — topics include adding/dropping courses, grade appeals, auditing, credit loads and requirements, full-time status, grading, incompletes, time limits, transcripts and more.

Please review the UWM Graduate School academic policies and procedures.

Costs and Financing your Education

Information about costs of tuition and fees, as well as funding (assistantships, fellowships, scholarship portal, travel awards, student loans and on-campus employment) available specifically for graduate students can be found at UWM’s One Stop.

There are several types of ASSISTANTSHIPS. Assistantships are a paid (tuition remission and stipend, health insurance eligible) academic appointment that involves part-time work opportunities. These opportunities include teaching, program/project and research assistantships. The definition, benefits and availability of these can be found on the assistantships webpage.

In addition, there are several kinds of FELLOWSHIPS available only to graduate students. These competitive fellowships offer tuition remission and grant a stipend while allowing students to focus on their studies and complete their degree in a timely manner. More information about the fellowships, including a list of those available, can be found on the fellowships webpage.

Attend New Graduate Student Orientation

Orientation is designed to serve as a general overview of topics related to graduate student life at UWM. The event agenda includes an information fair with campus resources and organizations, breakout sessions, a panel discussion with current graduate students and concurrent sessions on topics related to academic success. The Graduate School’s orientation is different from any new graduate student orientation that may be offered by your academic program. Please check with your department for program-specific information. The Graduate School will hold an orientation on Monday, Aug. 28, 2023, from 9 a.m. to noon.

Books vs. Panther Shop

Where do you buy or rent your books (or e-books) and supplies for school? Online! There is free two-day shipping for in-stock items.

The Panther Shop is located on the main floor of the UWM Student Union and sells all of your UWM apparel. Apparel is also available online.