Anne Bonds

 Bolton Hall 462


PhD, Geography, University of Washington, 2008
MA, Women’s Studies, University of Arizona, 2003
BS, Economics, University of Wyoming, 2001

Courses Taught

Geog 105 – Introduction to Human Geography Syllabus
Geog 114 – The Geography of Race in the U.S. Syllabus
Geog 315 – Introductory Economic Geography Syllabus
Geog 441 – Geography of Cities and Metropolitan Areas Syllabus
Geog 600 – Perspectives on Geography Syllabus
Geog 727 – Qualitative Methods Syllabus
Geog 905 – Seminar in Critical Geographies of Race
Geog/Urb St 945 – The Internal Structure of the City Syllabus

Office Hours

By appointment

Research Interests

Anne Bonds a feminist geographer whose research interests include race, racialization, and racial segregation, urban political economy and community development, critical property and housing studies, and carceral and abolition geographies. She is a founding member of the Mapping Racism and Resistance in Milwaukee County project, which examines the geography of racially restrictive covenants and challenges to them between the years 1910 and 1960. Her current and previous research, including work with collaborators and graduate students, has focused on the geographies of white supremacy, the criminalization of the poor, the racial political economy of rural prison sitings, women’s re-entry experiences following incarceration, young people’s experiences with policing, and non-profit housing development.

Representative Publications

Loyd, J. , & Bonds, A. () Where Do Black Lives Matter?: Race, Stigma, and Place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tyler, I. , & Slater, T. (Eds). The Sociological Review .
Werner, M. , Strauss, K. , Orzek, R. , Derickson, K. , & (2017) Feminist political economy in geography: Why now, what’s different, what for. Bonds, A. (Ed). Geoforum , 79, 1-4.
Inwood, J. , & Bonds, A. (2017) Property, race, and whiteness: The Oregon Standoff and the contradictions of the settler state. Space and Polity , 21(3), 253-268.
Bonds, A. , & Inwood, J. (2016) Beyond White Privilege: Geographies of White Supremacy and Settler Colonialism. Progress in Human Geography , 40(6), 715–733.
Bonds, A. , Kenny, J. T., & Wolf, R. (2015) Neighborhood Revitalization without the Local: Race, Non-profit Governance, and Community Development. Urban Geography , 36(7), 1064-1082.
Bonds, A. (2015) From Private to Public: Examining the political economy of Wisconsin’s private prison experiment. Morin, K. , & Moran, D. (Eds). The Historical Geography of Prisons: Unlocking the Usable Carceral Past , 205-218. New York and London: Routledge .
Bonds, A. (2013) Racing Economic Geography: The Place of Race in Economic Geography. Geography Compass , 7(6), 398 -411.
Inwood, J. , & Bonds, A. (2013) On Racial Difference and Revolution. Antipode: A Radical Journal of Human Geography , 45(3), 1-4.
Bonds, A. (2013) Economic Development and Relational Racialization: ‘Yes in My Backyard’ Politics and the Reinvention of Madras, Oregon. Annals of the Association of the American Geographers , 103(6), 1389-1405.
Lawson, V. , Jarosz, L. , & Bonds, A. (2010) Articulations of place, poverty, and race: Dumping grounds and unseen grounds in the rural American Northwest. Annals of the Association of American Geographers , 100(3), 655-677.