Master’s Degrees Awarded

Recent MA/MS Students
Thesis Option
Non-Thesis Option

Thesis Option

May 2022

Jonathon Adsit, (MA, Bonds)
“From Orthodoxy to Enlightenment: Discourse, territory, and settler colonialism in Siberia, 1670-1740.”

December 2021

Catherine Heady, (MA, Bonds)
“”Not Just Being Out on the Street:” Serving LBGTQ+ Youth Experiencing Homelessness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin”

May/August 2021

Andrew Schendl, (MS, Xu)
“The Spatial Prevalence and Associated Factors of Opioid Overdose Mortality in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin”

Trevor J. Iglinski, (MS, Schwartz)
“Autumn Tree Phenology in Northern Wisconsin: Humans Versus Photograph”

May 2020

Chloe Rehberg, (MS, Donnelly)
“An Analysis of Temperate Deciduous Shrub Phenology in Downer Woods, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA”

May 2019

Bailu Zhao, (MS, Schwartz)
“Comparing Autumn Phenology derived from Field Observations, Satellite Data, and Carbon Flux Measurements in a Northern Mixed Forest”

May 2016

Susan Borchardt, (MS, Choi)
“High Capacity Wells and Baseflow Decline in the Wolf River Basin, Northeastern Wisconsin”

George Ananchev
, (MA, Sziarto)
“Embodying the Regime of Automobility: A Phenomenology of the Driving Subject and the Affects of Governable Space”

August 2015

Stephen Appel, (MS, Ghose)
“Public Geospatial Data in Wisconsin: Information Access, Data Sharing, and the University”

August 2014

Nick Schuelke, (MA, Holifield)
“Urban River Restoration and Environmental Justice: Addressing Flood Risk Along Milwaukee’s Kinnickinnic River”

Jana M. Viel, (MS, Fredlund)
“Habitat Preferences of the Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) in Cities and Villages in Southeastern Wisconsin”

May 2014

Joseph Larsen, (MS, Schwartz)
“A Re-Examination of an Air-Mass Based Approach to Detecting Structural Climate Change, 1948-2011”

December 2013

Angela Jackson, (MS, Fredlund)
“Landscape Ecological Analysis of Patterns Influencing Bat Activity in the Southeast Glacial Plains of WI”

May/August 2013

Jonathan Kult, (MS, Choi)
“Regionalization of Hydrologic Response in the Great Lakes Basin: Considerations of Temporal Variability

Claire Reuning, (MA, Ghose)
“Congolese Cultural Landscapes, Transnational Networks, and Identity Formation in Milwaukee”

Rodney Ranken, (MA, Bonds)
“The Neoliberal City and the Neighborhood: The Case of the Lindsay Heights Redevelopment Project”

August 2012

Anke Keuser, (MS, Choi)
“Decadal Changes and Future Projections of Precipitation in the Metropolitan Area of Milwaukee”

Carrie Philpott, (MA, Sziarto)
“’Si Yo, Yo Cuento’: Latinas Making Space and Enacting Community for Social and Political Rights in Milwaukee, Wisconsin”

August 2011

Emily Engstrom, (MS, Fredlund)
“Past, Present and Future: Anthropogenic Changes to Fire Regimes in Great Lakes Pine Ecosystems”

May 2011

Margaret Pettygrove, (MA, Ghose)
“Spaces of Resistance: Urban Community Gardens in Inner City Milwaukee”

December 2010

Akarath Soukaphon, (MA, Sziarto)
“The Long Road “Home”: Place-Making and Community Building in the Reconstruction of Lao Identity in Milwaukee, WI”

May 2010

Andrea Hall, (Day)
“(Eco)tourism in the Karst Landscape of Puerto Rico”

December 2009

William Sharkey, “Woody vegetation and the Menomonee River Valley industrial corridor” (MS, Fredlund)

May 2009

Kathleen Williams, “Volunteers in Milwaukee County Parks: a Critical Examination of the Role of Volunteers in Managing Parks” (MA, De Sousa)

August 2008

Stephen W. Mauel, “GIS, GPS, and the USDA Soils Maps: Mapping the Jordan / Prairie Du Chien Contact in Southwestern Wisconsin” (MS, Wu, Day)

Brian Thayer, “Developing a Community Information System (CIS) to Assist Neighborhood Planning Efforts: a Case Study of the Harambee Community, Milwaukee, WI.” (MA, Ghose)

May 2007

Alan Halfen, “Late Quaternary Chronology of the Caper Dune Field, Casper, Wyoming, U.S.A.” (MS, Fredlund)

Brandon Meleski, “Determining the Effect of Open Space on Single-Family Property Values within the City of Milwaukee with a Dedonic Pricing Model” (MS, Wu)

Christopher Parisey, “Housing and the ‘Revitalization’ of Downtown Milwaukee” (MA, Kenny)

Richard Shaker, “Agricultural Land Fragmentation and Biological Integrity: The Effects of a Rapidly Changing Landscape in Southeastern Wisconsin” (MS, Fredlund)

August 2006

Kevin LeMoine, “A Critical Examination of the Potential for Success of Neighborhood-Based and Partnership-Enhanced Car-Sharing in Milwaukee” (MA, De Sousa)

May 2006

Kathleen Doherty, “Mediating the Critiques of the Alternative Agrifood Movement: Growing Power in Milwaukee” (MA, Heynen)

August 2005

Greg Rybarczyk, “Using GIS and a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Bicycle Facility Planning: A Case Study in Milwaukee, Wisconsin”. (MS, Wu)

Ramona Tenorio, “Winter Transitional Morphology & Photosynthetic Responses of Nasturtium officinal: Potential Impact for Springs in Southwestern WI”. (MS, Drezner)

May 2005

Kim Weckerly, “Sediment Rates in Lakes of the Fox River”. (MS, Drezner)

August 2003

Russell J. Camp, “Salvation by Stone Alone: A Critical Examination of Compensatory Wetland Migration Banking in Southeastern Wisconsin”. (MS, De Sousa)

December 2002

Liana Escott, “An Evaluation of the Cayo West Special Development District, Belize”. (MA, Day)

Mary Mann, “Baudelaire’s Geographies: Encountering the Other in Nineteenth-Century French Poetry”. (MA, Kenny)

August 2002

Peter B. Armstrong, “The Design of a Spatial Decision Support System that Integrates GIS and Spatial Statistics” (MS, Albrecht)

Banery Mujica-Ortiz, “An Assessment of Karst Conservation and Protected Areas in Northern Puerto Rico” (MS, Day)

May 2002

William Mueller, “The Biogeography and Recent Decline of the Red-headed Woodpecker in Wisconsin” (MS, Fredlund)

Xinyue Ye, “Intraprovincial Inequality in China under Reform, 1978-1998: The Case Study of Zhejiang” (MA, Wei)

Tingting Zhao, “Monitoring the Onset of Spring in Wisconsin with Plant Phenology” (MS, Schwartz)

August 2001

Shannon Haydin, “The Use of Environmental Information by Government Agencies for Watershed Protections in the Milwaukee River Basin, Wisconsin.” (MA, Fredlund)

Abraham Parish, “Historical Land Tenure in the Puna District of Hawaii.” (MA, Fredlund)

May 2001

Donald Lyden, “Rock Toppling and Rock Collapse Contributions to Slope Development in the Kickapoo Valley, Southwestern Wisconsin.” (MS, Day)

December 2000

Betty Rhodes, “Western Medical Care Access and the Hmong Population in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” (MS, Kenny)

August 2000

Joseph Rath, “Tourism in the Karst Landscape of Belize.” (MA, Day)

May 2000

Jeff Kueny, “An Assessment of Protected Karst and Areas in Central America and The Caribbean.” (MS, Day)

December 1999

Jason Nyberg, “To Save The Beauty of the Lake: Wisconsin’s Eight-Year Effort to Establish Devil’s Lake State Park.” (MA, Kenny)

Bernhard Reiter, “Uptake of Semi-persistent Organic Compounds from Soil into Crop Plants, a Comparison of Measured and Simulated Transfer Rates”, (Trapp, Matthies), University of Osnabruck; (MS, Schwartz), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

December 1998

Kevin Lane Jezuit, “Ecotourism and the Maya of Southern Belize: A Case Study of the Toledo Ecotourism Association” (Stewart)

Paula Oeler, “Americanization via a Neighborhood of Homes: Polish Imigrants on Ninth Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin” (Kenny)

Rachel Sueflow, “Assessing the Use of a GIS for Local Revitatlization: Case Study of the Avenue West Neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” (Andrews)

May 1998

Gilbert Porter, “An Bad Lethair: A Review of Irish Currachs.” (Edwards)

December 1997

Michelle Wexler, “Capitalizing on the Countryside Ideal.” (Kenny)

Lynn Pawelski, “Milwaukee’s Construction of a Garden City Utopia”. (Kenny)

May 1997

Jean Kowal, “Late Holocene Geomorphology and Climate Change in Sage Creek, Badlands National Park”. (Fredlund)

Scott McEathron, “The Impact of Nineteenth Century Logging on the Environment: The Case of Wilson Township, Rusk County, Wisconsin”. (Edwards)

James P. Vanden Boom, “Defining a Niche Market: A Central Business District’s Strategy to Compete with Suburban Fringe Development. The Case of Downtown Appleton, WI.”. (Holzner)

Steve Wagner, “Academic Achievement and Residential Location: An Analysis of Variables Assessing the Residential Location of Student Acheivers at a Large Midwestern Urban High School”. (Holzner)

May 1996

Julie Anderson, “The Effectiveness of Farmland Preservation in Urban Corridors: The Case of Racine County, Wisconsin”. (Kenny)

Premysl Pela, “Challenges and Opportunities Between European Union and Central Europe: A Case Study of the Czech Republic”. (Bayer)

December 1995

John Arndorfer, “A 1994-1995 Assessment of the Impact of GIS Technology on the Railroad Industry”. (Andrews)

Renee Destrampe, “Testing a Predictive Model Using GIS: A Case Study in the Crawfish – Rock River Valleys”. (Andrews)

Craig Terlau, “An Analysis of Cave and Valley Orientation in Richland County, Wisconsin”. (Day)

Zhu Liu, “The Relationship between Soil Lead Level and the Rate of Children’s Lead-Poisoning in Residential Milwaukee”. (Fredlund)

August 1995

Sarah Hoffman, “Karst Springs: Their Uses and Influence On Rural House Location in the Platte River Watershed, Southwestern Wisconsin, 1840 to 1900”. (Day)

May 1995

Carol Janzen, “The Urban Advance and Rural Retreat in Washington County, Wisconsin”. (Holzner)

Paul Nowak, “Conservation versus Development: A Case Study of the Crayfish Creek Subwatershed”. (Day)

December 1994

Ed Alt, “Aspects of the Karst Geomorphology of the Northern Vaca Plateau, Cayo District, Belize, Central America”. (Day)

Rebecca Armstrong, “Research Issues and a Case Study of Native American Cartography”. (Andrews)

Paul Beyer, “Mars GIS: The Development and Use of An Areographic Information System”. (Andrews)

May 1994

Karl Curda, “Residential Soil Lead Levels in Milwaukee”. (Fredlund)

Nancy Greifenhagen, “Land Use in the Northern Kettle Moraine”. (Day)

December 1993

Yvonne Bode, “The Ice Age National Scientific Reserve in Wisconsin: Objectives and Accomplishments”. (Day)

Dale Mueller, “Regional Air Transportation Patterns for the Upper Midwest”. (Mayer)

December 1992

Bradley Javenkowski, “Microcomputer-Based Postscript Large Format Cartography”. (Andrews)

Patricia Madderom, “Swedish Settlements in Wisconsin”. (Edwards)

May 1992

Horst Schmidt, “Geography, Politics and Aging in Milwaukee County”. (Rose)

December 1991

Sharon Hill, “Perception and Reality of Wisconsin Amish-Mennonite Travel and Visitation Patterns”. (Andrews)

August 1991

Douglas Jiersheck, “Use of Synoptic Criteria in Evaluation of Temperature/Snow Cover Relations in North Dakota”. (Lydolph)

Richard Wagner, “On the Relationship Between Anomalous Rainfall in the Guinea Coastlands and Anomalous Atmospheric and Oceanic Conditions in the Equatorial Atlantic”. (Lydolph)

December 1990

Peter Urich, “Hydrologic Management in Upland Karst, Bohol, The Philippines: Implications for Development”. (Stewart)

May 1990

James Brozowski, “The Origin and Development of Brussels Hill Pit Cave, Door County, Wisconsin”. (Day)

Roger Found, “Artistic and Symbolic Qualities of Ships on Maps in Sixteenth Century Portuguese Cartography”. (Edwards)

Michael Neal, “Tufa Dams in the Humid Tropics: A Case Study of Little Barton Creek, Cayo District, Belize, Central America”. (Day)

David Tilton, “Old Maps and Early European Voyages of Discovery: Pinzon’ and Solis’, 1508”. (Edwards)

December 1989

Elaine Bliss, “Women in Tropical Agriculture: A Case Study of Garifuna Women in Hopkins Village, Belize”. (Edwards)

May 1989

Greg Gruszczynski, “50 Years of Buses: A Case Study of the Bus System in Belize, Central America”. (Mayer)

David Lewis, “The Chinese of Belize: A Geographical Interpretation”. (Stewart)

Brilton Rodriguez, “Soil Condition and the Productivity of two Community Garden Plots in the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin During the 1986 Gardening Season”. (Borowiecki)

Charles Schaefer, “The Socialist City: The Case of Cracow, Poland”. (Borowiecki)

Thomas Winter, “Neighborhood Revitalization in Milwaukee: A Case Study of Brewer’s Hill”. (Rose)

December 1988

Renae Prell-Chavez, “An Environmental History and Analysis of Human Activity at the Buelah Bog State Natural Area, Wisconsin”. (Edwards)

May 1988

Jian Fan, “The Fertility Decline and the Demographic Transition in The People’s Republic of China”. (Rose)

December 1987

David Moon, “Inter-urban Passenger Air Transportation Within the State of Florida”. (Mayer)

August 1987

Kerry Antoniewicz, “A Comparison of Pre-Classification and Post-Classification Smoothing on LANDSAT IV Thematic Mapper Image”. (Flannery, Stetzer)

John Gagas, “Factors Affecting the Nature and Position of the Tree Line at Churchill, Manitoba, Canada”. (Haglund)

December 1986

Ruth McGuire, “Transportation Planning in the Metropolitan Areas of the U.S.”. (Mayer)

Miriam Simonds, “Analysis of the Land Cover Pattern in Part of the Toledo District, Belize”. (Day)

May 1986

Donald Weyer, “Predicting Newspaper Circulation in Milwaukee County”. (Mayer)

May 1985

Mark Fitzgerald, “Urban Service Delivery: Analysis of the Distribution of Patrol Officers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin”. (Holzner)

December 1984

Marie Grogan, “Cultural Landscape of Grand Teton National Park”. (Edwards)

Carol Rosen, “Karst Geomorphology of the Door Peninsula, Wisconsin”. (Day)

Frank Zareczny, “The Evolution of Upper Great Lakes Passenger Travel: Historical Geography”. (Mayer)

December 1982

Joan Foeste, “Analysis of the Evolution and Subsequent Growth and Development of the Commuter Airline Industry as Exemplified by Three Wisconsin Based Commuter Air Carriers (1952-1981)”. (Mayer)

May 1982

Charles Wells, “The Effects of Various Parameters on the Accuracy of Isopleth Maps Produced by Digital Continuous Scanning”. (Flannery)

December 1981

James Gesell, “A Distributional Analysis of Solar Radiation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the Period 1941-1970”. (Haglund)

May 1981

John Sanders, “Aspects of Mesopotamian Settlement Geography; an Empirical Computer-Aided Analysis of Building Forms, Room Arrangements and Circulation”. (Eidt)

August 1980

Kurt Piepenburg, “Geomorphology of a Fluted Escarpment in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area”. (Borowiecki)

May 1980

Mark Hermanson, “The Urbanization of a Small Waterway: A Battle Creek Case Study”. (Mayer)

Paul Mueller, “Locational Behavior of Manufacturing Establishments: 1947-1979”. (Mayer)

Bill Reynolds, “Change on the Milwaukee Urban Fringe”, The Case of Four Washington County Hamlets”. (Mayer)

H. S. Suh, “A Spatial Analysis of Mortality in the City of Milwaukee, 1971-1974”. (Holzner)

December 1979

Chris Baruth, “Mapping of Wisconsin Since 1832”. (Flannery)

Otto Dobnick, “Alternatives to Rail Freight Discontinuance: Waukesha to Milton Junction, Wisconsin”. (Mayer)

David Miller, “The European Impact on St. Vincent, 1600-1763: Suppression and Displacement of the Native Population and Landscapes”. (Edwards)

August 1979

Jeffrey Allender, “Cost Benefit Analysis of Fugitive Dust; The Menomonee River Valley”. (Mayer)

Andrew Bond, “Inter-Republic Variations in Ukrainian and Belorussian Russianization, 1959-1970”. (Lydolph)

May 1979

Theodore Roberts, “A Geographical Analysis of the Department Store in Metropolitan Milwaukee”.(Mayer)

August 1978

David Block, “Wind and Surface Roughness in Urban Areas: A Case Study of Chicago”. (Bayer)

Ann Akulicz Santiago, “The Puerto Rican Community of Milwaukee: Study of Geographic Mobility”. (Rose)

May 1978

John Gurda, “Change at the River Mouth: Ethnic Succession on Milwaukee’s Jones Island, 1700-1922”. (Mayer)

William Wysocki, “An Economic Base Analysis of Thompson, Manitoba”. (Haglund)

December 1977

Paul Savard, “Air Cushion Vehicles in Northern Transportation”. (Haglund)

August 1977

Nancy Morbeck Haack, “An Analysis of the Effects of Underlying Bedrock Topography on Drumlin Forms in Eastern Wisconsin”. (Borowiecki)

May, 1977

Craig Reisser, “Immigrants and House Form in Northeast Milwaukee, 1885-1916”. (Edwards)

Beth Szplett (Kirklewski), “Statistical Analysis of Economic Pushing Factors Related to Farm Depopulation in Northeastern Ontario”. (Haglund)

December 1976

Stephen Lund, “Conservation and Soil Loss Through Fluvial Processes – Coon Creek Watershed, Wisconsin, 1934-1975”. (Borowiecki)

Sun-Tsui Ott, “The Relation of High Ozone Concentrations to the Mesoscale and Synoptic Scale Transport in Wisconsin”. (Bayer)

May 1976

Colleen Keen, “Residential Land Value Determinants in Milwaukee”. (Holzner)

December 1975

Donald Bezella, “Changes in the Supply of Recreational Surface Water”. (Rose)

David Szplett, “The Significance and Potential for Tourism in the Economy of the Northwest Territories, Canada”. (Haglund)

August 1975

Armin Ott, “An Investigation of the Effects of Thermometer Relocations on Climatic Data at National Weather Service Offices, 1935-74”. (Bayer)

December, 1974

Lawrence Kieck, “Necessary Design Factors for Arctic and Subarctic Dwellings”. (Haglund)

August 1974

Eugene Auciello, “Method for Predicting River Ice Formation”. (Bayer)

Seth Rankin, “United States Investment and Industrial Control in Canada”. (Haglund)

Jeffrey Rogers, “The Influence of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on the Atmospheric Circulation”.(Bayer)

Russell Swenson, “Retired North Americans at Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico: Their Impact on the Cultural Landscape”. (Edwards)

Lorenz Weseman, “Mass Transport Systems in Small Urban Communities: A Case Study of Watertown, Wisconsin”. (Holzner)

Augusto Zeferino, “Favela and Government Built Low-Cost Housing in Florianopolis, Brazil”. (Rose)

August 1973

David Brych, “The Process of Change in Finland: An Examination of Agriculture, Industry, and Urbanism”. (Haglund)

Wayne Hartman, “A Comparison Between Robert Sinclair’s Postulated Thesis and Model of Agricultural Land Use Around Modern Expanding Urban Centers and the Actual Land Use Pattern in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Region”. (Holzner)

Eleanor Jones, “The Port-City of Kingston, Jamaica: Hinterland-Foreland Relationship”. (Holzner)

January 1973

William Woods, “The Analysis of Abandoned Settlements by a New Phosphate Spot Test Method”. (Eidt)

August 1972

Keith Muller, “The Settlement Geography of Toledo, A Planned Pioneer Community in South Brazil”.(Eidt)

May 1972

James Sebanc, “Immigration and the Emergence of Yugoslav Social Communities in Wisconsin, 1900-1971”. (Rose)

Michael Ostapuk, “Sprinkler Irrigation in Wisconsin”. (VanderMeer)

January 1972

James Coffman, “A Geographical Land Form Analysis of the Kentucky Knobs”. (Borowiecki)

January 1971

Balaram Dey, “Rainfall Variability During the Indian Summer Monsoon”. (Lydolph)

Howard Deller, “An Analysis of Selected Shore Zone Characteristics of the Upper Door Peninsula of Wisconsin”. (Zakrzewska-Borowiecki)

John Weihaupt, “Oxbow Lake Forms and Their Patterns of Distribution on the Floodplains of the Yukon River Drainage Basin”. (Zakrzewska-Borowiecki)

August 1970

Daniel Mhlanga, “An Evaluation of Economic Development in Zambia”. (Rose)

Thomas Taylor, “Land in Transition: A Case Study”. (Rose)

June 1970

Paul Stoelting, “A Spatial Analysis of the Esker Systems Associated with the Kettle Moraine of S.E. Wisconsin”. (Zakrzewska-Borowiecki)

June 1969

Matthias Igbozurike, “Irrigation Expansion in Israel”. (Vandermeer)

Michael Sullivan, “The Encomienda and Colonial Transculturation of the Landscape of Costa Rica”. (Edwards)

August 1968

David Henderson, “Impact of Ethnic Homogeneity and Diversity in the Cultural Landscape of Door County, Wisconsin”. (Holzner)

June 1968

A. Barwuah, “A Temporal Analysis of Retail Structure of Two Hierarchical Levels”. (Rose)

January 1968

Abhaya Attanayake, “The Development of Quantitative Thematic Mapping in the United States: A Critical Analysis of Special Purpose Cartography Published in Geography and by the Federal Government”. (Flannery)

Owen McGee, “Harmonic Analysis of South African Rainfall”. (Hastenrath)

August 1967

T. S. Fedor, “The Future Status of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republics in the Soviet Federative System”. (Lydolph)

Hlib Hayuk, “Changes in the Ethnic Structure and in Regional Distribution of Population in Ukraine, 1897-1959”. (Lydolph)

R. A. Janke, “The Development and Persistence of Land Tenure Problems on Indian Reservations in the United States”. (Eidt)

Sr. M. Dolores Rauch, “Impact of Population Changes in the Central Area of Milwaukee Upon Catholic Parochial Schools, 1940-1970”. (Rose)

June 1967

Chandra Attanayake, “Changing Patterns of Rice Production in Ceylon: 1945 to 1964”. (Vandermeer)

G. Schlotzhauer, “Interactance Systems of Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Waterborn Commerce”. (Goodwin)

Leonard Pettyjohn, “Changing Structures of Selected Retail Activities in a Racially Changing Neighborhood: Milwaukee, Wisconsin”. (Rose)

Non-Thesis Option

(The Department did not offer this option from 1982 to 2001.)

May 2022

Rachel Hansen, (MA, Bonds)

Dec 2021

Sakib Hasan (MS, Choi)

May 2019

Ashley Hoerz (MA, Sziarto)

May 2016

Ben Drew (MS, Schwartz)
Patience Farmer (MA, Sziarto)

August 2015

Peter Armstrong (MA, McCarthy)

December 2013

Matthew Miller (MS, Schwartz)
Brad Willems (MA, DeSousa/Choi)

May/August 2013

Kathryn Nauth (MA, Holifield)

May 2012

Ashley Murray (MS, Fredlund)
Katherine Kirkland (MA, McCarthy and Yoon)

December 2011

Jeffery Sponcia (MA, Sziarto)

May 2010

Nadia Bogue (MA, Holifield)
Nicholas Gates (MA, Holifield)

December 2008

Elizabeth Hittman (MA, De Sousa)

May 2008

Jesse Bernhardt (MS, Ghose)

May 2007

Jessica Barron (MA, McCarthy)
James Rewolinski (MA, Kenny)
Rebecca Riti (MA, Fredlund)

December 2006

Peter Strand (MS, Kenny)

May 2006

Qinhua Zhang (Coordinated MA/MLIS, Wu)

August 2004

Jason Bitter (MS, Drezner)

May 2004

Nicole Wilkum (MS, Kenny)

May 2003

Gregory Dresen (MS, Wei)
Timothy Pearson (MS, Schwartz)

December 2002

Edlira Agalliu (MA, Kenny)

May 1981

James Gronowski (Haglund)
John Walsh (Haglund)

May 1979

Timothy Miller (Mayer)

May 1977

Larry Saeger (Rose)

August 1976

John Jansen (Flannery)

May 1976

Franz Rabe (Mayer)

May 1974

James Rickun (Bayer)

August 1973

Terence Taylor (Flannery)

June 1971

Terry Lehman (Vandermeer)
Wayne Sylvester (Joint Geography-Education Master) (Flannery)

June 1970

Helen Ford (Joint Geography-Education Master) (Lydolph)

June 1968

Donald Rambadt (Joint Geography-Education Master) (Flannery)
Charles Gloor (Joint Geography-Education Master) (Flannery)

June 1967

Charles Collins (Zakrzewska-Borowiecki)
Paul Johnson (Lydolph)

January 1967

Hector Zamora (Joint Geography-Education Master) (Flannery)

August 1966

Paul Krause (Lydolph)

June 1966

Graciela Deambrosio (Zakrzewska-Borowiecki)
Robert Sager (Lydolph)
Theodore Steinke (Zakrzewska-Borowiecki)

June 1965

Mantosh Bandyopadhyay (Zakrzewska-Borowiecki)
Edwin Dommissee (Lydolph)
John Novak (Zakrzewska-Borowiecki)
William Verhulst (Lydolph)

January 1962

Glenn Frey (Lydolph)
James Oliver (Lydolph)