Graduate GIS Certificate

Hello future GIS professional!

We are pleased that you are considering the GIS Certificate Program at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee to get started in the GIS profession. We have a very strong program here with about 60 students currently enrolled (the university has about 27,000 students). And Milwaukee is a beautiful city, situated on Lake Michigan which is so big one cannot see the opposite shore. I’m sure you will enjoy your studies here.

Professor Changshan Wu (, the GIS Certificate Program Chair, will be happy to answer the questions you have.

The GIS Program at UWM has been in place since 1991 and now has over a hundred sixty graduates working in various GIS positions in the private sector as well as the public sector. A list of them is available at:

For information on how to apply to our program, go to the Graduate GIS Certificate Admissions page. There is no deadline for applying, but you need to submit two forms before you can register for classes. You should submit them a few months before the start of classes which begin early in September and late in January. With the graduate non-degree candidate application, you need to have your transcripts sent to our Graduate School as well as a small fee.

Tuition/fee information can be found at Bursar’s Office – Tuition Information page. Financial aid is available, but you should check with the Graduate School on what is available.

For information about the content of the GIS Certificate Program, including courses, credits, time limit, and requirements, go to the the GIS Certificate Program website.

For information about what’s going on at the campus concerning GIS, go to the main UWM GIS Council web site:

We hope to see you soon!