Undergraduate Advising

Who is my advisor?

For most advising in Geography, you can see the Advising Assistant, Alexandra Hamilton (hamil299@uwm.edu), or the Undergraduate Chair, Zengwang Xu (xuz@uwm.edu).

Drop in advising hours are:

Not available at this time because most UWM personnel are working remotely, but please e-mail Ms. Hamilton (or Dr. Xu (xuz@uwm.edu) for a meeting appointment.


If you need to petition regarding a course substitution, contact:

Zengwang Xu (xuz@uwm.edu), Undergraduate Chair

Faculty ‘track’ supervisor

As of October 2019, the Geography Department is retiring the ‘track’ advisor system. For advising, contact the Undergraduate Advising Assistant (Alexandra Hamilton) or one of the faculty advisors (Zengwang Xu or Anne Bonds).

If you are a Geography minor or GIS minor, your faculty advisor is the Undergraduate Chair.

For other questions, contact:

Zengwang Xu (xuz@uwm.edu), Undergraduate Chair