Certificate Requirements

Credits and Courses

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and the College of Letters and Science jointly offer the certificate. A minimum of 6 semester-long courses and 18 credits to receive the certificate. A minimum of 6 credits each in Urban Planning and Geography courses is required. No more than 3 credits of Internship or Independent Study will be counted towards the Certificate.

The core courses (12 credits) focus on the structure of geographic data, components for managing geographic information systems, spatial analysis, and delivery of geographic information through maps and displays. Students select the remaining 6 credits for the certificate from electives, which may include an internship, in areas such as remote sensing, map-making, and data management systems.

Time Limits

Certificate program time limits shall be established as follows:

  • 18 or fewer credits/Three years from initial enrollment in the certificate sequence.
  • 19 or more credits/Four years from initial enrollment in the certificate sequence.
  • For certificates that are designed as add-ons to degree programs and are awarded concurrent with the degree, the time limit shall be the same as that of the degree program.


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Graduate Certificate inGeographic Information Systems