GIS Careers


Geospatial Occupations Outlook

Salary Information

Geospatial Competency Model

Job Titles and Fields

Note: GIS and Geospatial my be used interchangeably in job titles

Crime Analyst
Economic Development Specialist
Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Environmental Scientist
GIS Analyst
GIS Consultant
GIS Coordinator
GIS Developer
GIS Instructor
GIS Programmer
GIS Project Manager
GIS Sales & Marketing
GIS Software Engineer

GIS Spatial Analyst
GIS Specialist
GIS Supervisor
GIS Technical Writer
GIS Tech Lead
GIS Technician
GIS Tester
GIS Web Administrator
Imagery Acquisition Specialist
LiDAR Project Manager
Public Health Specialist
Research Program Manager

GIS Certification

Geospatial Revolution

The Geospatial Revolution Project is an integrated public service media and outreach initiative about the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think, behave, and interact.