ANTHRO 380 Anthropological Applications of GIS
3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
Use of GIS in archaeology, cultural anthropology, and physical anthropology.

ANTHRO 562 Techniques and Problems in Archaeology
3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
Methods of fieldwork in archaeology; strategies of archaeological investigations; introduction to archaeological site mapping Lec, lab.

ANTHRO 768 Topics in Advanced Research Design in Anthropology
3 cr. Graduate.
Methods of fitting various models to qualitative categorizations of archaeological, ethnographical, and biological data. Includes chi-square and multiclassificatory chi-squares, scaling, cluster analysis, markov chains, and game theory.

Business Administration

BUS ADM 749 Data and Information Management
3 cr. Graduate.
Managing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, data integrity management, data representation, data integration, governance and administration, data quality and reporting information.

Criminal Justice

CRM JST 520 Analysis Oriented Technology: Spatial Data Analysis; Crime Mapping; ArcGIS
3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
Examines theories and applications to analyze data. Approaches include crime mapping and spatial analysis; strategic, administrative, and tactical crime analysis. Other methods are also covered.


GEOG 704 Remote Sensing: Environmental and Land Use Analysis
4 cr. Graduate.
Use of aerial photographs and digital imagery in environmental and land use analysis, including urban areas. 3 hrs lec; 2 hrs lab

GEOG 705 Cartography
4 cr. Graduate.
Thematic cartography; map communication, design principles, illustration and mapping software. 3 hrs lec, 2 hrs lab.

GEOG 716 Watershed Analysis and Modeling
3 cr. Graduate.
Theories and applications of analytical and modeling techniques for watershed processes, including geographic information systems (GIS), statistics, and computer simulations.

GEOG 726 Geographic Information Science
4 cr. Graduate.
Geographic and information theoretical foundations of geographic information science (GIS). Use of macro languages in a software project to expand GIS functionality. 3 hrs lec, 2 hrs lab.

GEOG 747 Spatial Analysis
4 cr. Graduate.
Advanced analysis techniques, including multivariate relationships and spatial modeling.

GEOG 798 GIS/Cartography Internship
1-4 cr. Graduate.
Practical GIS/cartography experience with government agency or private firm under supervision of working expert and faculty member. Intern's contract specifies duties and duration.

GEOG 804 Advanced Remote Sensing
3 cr. Graduate.
Advanced techniques of image processing and analysis, including classification, georegistration, and spatial modeling.

GEOG 826 Intermediate Geographic Information Science
4 cr. Graduate.
Concepts and techniques of geographic information science (GIS), with emphasis on GIS-based spatial analysis, associated applications, and technology. 3 hrs lec, 2 hrs lab.

GEOG 999 Independent Work
1-6 cr. Graduate.
Independent reading or project.

Information Studies

INFOST 465 Legal Aspects of Information Products and Services
3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
Introduction to legal environment surrounding development and use of information products and services, including intellectual property, and issues specific to internet and other digital mediums.

INFOST 691 Special Topics in Information Science:
1-3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
An exploration of current topics in information science.

INFOST 714 Metadata
3 cr. Graduate.
Principles and application of metadata for networked information resource organization, representation, retrieval, and interoperability using a variety of schemes; focus on cultural heritage digital repositories.

*INFOST 691 may only be counted with a topic in Economics of Information

Urban Planning

URBPLAN 692 Special Topics in Urban Planning:
1-3 cr. Undergraduate/Graduate.
Provides a format for the development and presentation of new material in Urban Planning on an experimental, one-term basis. Specific cr & any additional prereqs announced in Schedule of Classes whenever course is offered.

URBPLAN 791 Introduction to Urban Geographic Information Systems for Planning
3 cr. Graduate.
Use of spatially related information including gis and land records systems for improved productivity and decision making in service delivery, management, policy-planning, and land development.

URBPLAN 792 Using Urban Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Planning
3 cr. Graduate.
A 'hands on' course in GIS using commercial GIS software in a computer laboratory setting to provide experience solving problems related to planning and government.

URBPLAN 793 Applied Projects in Urban Geographic Information Systems
3 cr. Graduate.
Use of a geographic information system (GIS) and actual data from local government to analyze a real world problem or issue requiring spatial data analysis.

URBPLAN 794 Internet Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
3 cr. Graduate.
Seminar on theoretical background and hands-on experience with technologies for developing GIS applications on the Internet, the web, and wireless networks.

URBPLAN 991 Legislative/Administrative Agency Internship
3-6 cr. Graduate.
Research project assignments with elected legislative officials and administrative agencies. Assignments will be cooperatively developed and supported by an integrating seminar discussing both experience and theory in a planning implementation context.

URBPLAN 999 Independent Study
1-3 cr. Graduate.
Individual work in urban planning. Variable content course.

*URBPLAN 692 may only be counted with a topic in Transportation Planning and GIS

Other courses as approved by the GIS Certificate Advisory Committee chairperson Students will be advised by the Geography and Urban Planning faculty who teach GIS courses.