Faculty Spotlight: Rina Ghose

Dr. Rina Ghose was invited to lead mentoring sessions at the 2015 Geography Faculty Development Alliance workshop (sponsored by National Science Foundation and the Association of American Geographers) at the University of Connecticut (21 June-27 June).

The workshop was initiated in 2002 and has been organized and led by the past president of the AAG, Professor Ken Foote (University of Connecticut), and Professor J.W. Harrington (University of Washington). Key objectives of the workshop are to foster a culture of support and success for early career faculty, and was attended by tenure track faculty members across the nation. Dr. Ghose led or co-lead sessions on (1) strategies for successful writing and publication (2) preparing for tenure and promotion (3) time management (4) teaching upper-division/graduate level courses (5) balancing personal and professional life (6) female professors in the classroom (7) Assessment and grading strategies in teaching activities.

Dr. Ghose was also invited to present a plenary talk on “Promoting Diversity and Inclusion” to departmental chairs, attending “leadership development” workshop, from institutes in the USA and Canada.