Faculty Spotlight: Anne Bonds, Anna Mansson McGinty, Kristin Sziarto and Hyejin Yoon

Prof. Anne Bonds, Anna Mansson McGinty, Kristin Sziarto, and Hyejin Yoon (Department of Geography) organized the conference Gendered Rights to the City: Intersections of Identity and Power together with International Geographic Union Commission on Gender and Geography and Geographic Perspectives on Women AAG Specialty Group last April, 2015. The conference attracted 130 participants from 20 different countries.

IGU Conference

The conference promoted the exploration of gender, difference, and power relations in contemporary and historical urban landscapes. The papers and panel discussed the intersections of gender, identity, and power across diverse and contested spaces. The keynote panel consisted of scholars, Professor Linda Peake and Professor Shirlena Huang, and local activists from Wisconsin Chapter of 9to5 and the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition.