Faculty Spotlight: Geography professors receive the Fromkin Award

Professors Caroline Seymour-Jorn (FICL), Kristin Sziarto, and Anna Mansson McGinty have received the Fromkin Award for their Muslim Milwaukee Project, which is a collaboration project with Muslim community leaders in Milwaukee. The grant encourages and assists UWM scholars in all fields of study to conduct research on individuals, groups, movements, and ideas, in the Americas and elsewhere, which have influenced the quest for social justice and human rights in the United States. Their proposal “Da’wa in Milwaukee: Social Justice and Civic Activism among Muslims in Milwaukee, WI” entails the third stage of the project, which consists of conducting interviews and focus groups to better understand Muslims’ sense of belonging, and their social, civic and political engagement in Milwaukee. As part of the award they will deliver the Morris Fromkin Memorial Lecture in the fall of 2015.”