Contact Us

Department Chair

Mark D. Schwartz
Bolton Hall, Room 490
(414) 229-3740

Graduate Program Chair

Anne Bonds
Bolton Hall, Room 456
(414) 229-4872

Undergraduate Program Co-Chair

For declaring the major or minor, contact:
Kristin Sziarto
Office: Bolton Hall, Room 468
Phone: 414-229-3941

Undergraduate Program Co-Chair

For information about exceptions to the standard program, contact:
Glen Fredlund
Bolton Hall, Room 486
(414) 229-6112

Program Associate

Niko Papakis
Bolton Hall, Room 410
Phone: (414) 229-4866

Mailing Address:

Department of Geography
P.O. Box 413
Bolton Hall, Room 410
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Building Address: (FedEx, UPS)

UWM Department of Geography
Bolton Hall, Room 410
3210 N. Maryland Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211