Trades & Stores – Mechanical Shop

Mechanical Shop

The Facility Services Mechanical Shop is responsible for maintaining and repairing environmental control systems, as well as all types of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

  • In conjunction with the Central Heating Plant, the mechanical shop maintains the steam distribution system that carries high pressure steam across campus.
  • This steam provides heat for campus buildings and is also used for preparing food and sterilizing research instruments.

Chilled water lines are also maintained by the mechanical shop.

  • The chilled water that is circulated throughout campus is used to cool our campus buildings. Our mechanical shop steamfitters control the steam and chilled water with pneumatic controls in each building.

We also have control fitters that maintain and repair the pneumatic, electronic and web based systems (“Metasys”) that control the heating and cooling systems.

  • “Metasys” computerized controls allow our control fitters to monitor and adjust some of the building systems remotely.

Our refrigeration specialist maintains large refrigeration systems used for research and production, autoclaves, and incubators.