Trades & Stores – Carpenter Shop

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The Facility Services Carpenter Shop performs all of the carpentry work on campus, including repairs on door hardware, securing handrails for safety, leveling old floors to prevent trip hazards, and repairing window frames and trim. Our Carpenter Shop also installs moldings, baseboards, new doors and door frames, whiteboards, and projectors.

Available Services

Flooring and Ceiling

All campus departmental flooring, carpeting, and ceiling replacements should be installed and/or coordinated by Facility Services’ Carpenter Shop.

  • Installation by our carpenter shop ensures proper installation of campus approved materials.
  • Facility Services stands behind our installations, and our presence on campus gives us the ability to quickly correct any issues that arise.
  • Requests for flooring, carpeting, or ceilings can be made through iServiceDesk.

Office Partitions

In conjunction with our Architects, the Carpenter Shop installs low office partitions (panel systems) for new offices and departmental remodels.

  • Facility Services architects will design a panel system configuration and work with our carpenters to provide quality workmanship, and campus approved vendor.
  • Our carpenters have experience and knowledge of the unique characteristics of our various buildings. Your office remodel will be designed and installed with that knowledge in mind, preventing common installation mishaps.
  • Requests for panel systems, or any remodeling project can be made through iServiceDesk. Include all of the details that you know in the ‘Request’ field.  We will help you figure out the rest!

Classroom Modernization

Our carpenters also work with the architects on classroom modernization projects, where custom podiums and cabinets are designed to contain the equipment that comes with new technology.

  • This custom podium and cabinet work is done by hand, in our full carpenter shop located in the University Services and Research Building.
  • Custom bookcases, cabinets, and other furniture can also be designed and built directly by our carpenter shop.
  • Requests for custom woodwork can be made through iServiceDesk.
  • Inquiries regarding our services can be directed through email at