Trades & Stores – Facility Repair & Lock Shop

Lock Shop

Available Services

Facility Repair Shop

Our Facility Repair workers make a variety of repairs to buildings and grounds, including:

  • Repair broken classroom seating
  • Repair and replace bathroom partitions
  • Repair and replace window treatments (blinds and shades)
  • Install parking signs
  • Replace flags
  • Assist in set-up and completion of large construction projects
  • General assistance for any of the other shops

Lock Shop

  • Facility Services Locksmiths repair, replace, and adjust all lock and door hardware.
  • Our Lock Shop can also be employed to open and/or re-key safes, vaults, and file cabinets.
  • The Lock Shop creates new and additional keys as requested, funded by the individual department requestor.
  • Lock changes, re-key work, and key copy orders can be made through the iServiceDesk Key Request feature.
  • For security reasons, Key Requestors need to be appointed by UBRs.
    Instructions on how to become an authorized requestor are found on our Service Requests page.