During the 2017 Mooshkine camp, a group of Milwaukee area Native youth worked with Michael Timm and created an app story game: Indigenous MKE. This game focuses on beliefs that can help someone live a good life. Gikendan ezhi-mino-doodang. Know how to be doing good actions. The Ojibwe words used here are sometimes called the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers.
This game is played on your smartphone (you need GPS to play).

  1. Download & install TaleBlazer app. (available in Google Play Store for Andriod or Apple App Store)
  2. Next, find Electa Quinney Institute in TaleBlazer. Select Featured Games from the upper-right menu. Then select List.
  3. On our Electa Quinney Institute Place page, press Find Games, then download and install the Indigenous MKE game.
  4. Now you are almost ready to explore the stories created by the 2017 Mooshkine students in the pilot version of the app!
  5. Did you remember to un-mute your phone and turn up the volume?
  6. Did you remember to activate your phone’s GPS?
  7. Once you start the game, you will be prompted to turn off in-game Sound Effects.

Find the stories!           Earn the 7 badges!         Have fun!