Native Language Teacher Scholarship

Why offer the scholarship: There is a desperate need for Native language teachers. Recently, among the native focused schools in Wisconsin and Minnesota, there were more than five (5) concurrent openings for an Ojibwe language teacher. Each school struggled to find qualified candidates. The importance of language instruction for our youth cannot be overstated. The best way to get what you need, is to grow (develop) it yourself.

Here at UWM, we are fortunate to have Dr. Margaret Noodin, who is nationally recognized for her long term, advanced studies and advocacy for the survival of the Ojibwe language. Ideally, should UWM hire other native language professors, the future funds would be used to support the formal instruction in those languages as well.

This Scholarship is in keeping with EQI’s commitment to the education of American Indians and about American Indians. We are pleased to provide scholarship assistance to licensed teachers, soon-to-be licensed in the K-12 setting, and community leaders with an interest in teaching a language of the native people of Wisconsin. The scholarship is also open to those pursuing advanced degrees with intent of teaching the language at a community, college, or university level. This scholarship is a topic based scholarship and is not based on need.

Scholarship Amount: When funding is available, each semester, at least one (1) scholarship will be awarded covering 90% of the cost for a 4 credit language course at UWM. The student is responsible for 10% of the tuition. This financial requirement illustrates your commitment to the program.

To Apply: Download the Native Language Scholarship Application and submit to Samantha Krueger.

To Support this Scholarship: If you would like to support this scholarship fund with a donation there are a few options.

  1. Send your check payable to the UW-Milwaukee and in the memo line write: “Electa Quinney Institute Scholar Fund”. Please mail to our office ATTN: Angela Mesic.
  2. Consider remembering UWM’s Electa Quinney Institute in your estate plans, will or trust. Please call the UWM Office of Development at 414-229-3020 for the correct language to use in your bequest.