Artist in Residence

When EQI and AISC moved into our new space in Merrill Hall we found the space lacking in visibility of the Indigenous Presence that was now in this building. When we inquired about what could we do with the empty wall space we were told we could do as we needed to. “We should have big murals representing the all the Native Nations of Wisconsin,” and with that this project was born.

Over the next few years the Electa Quinney Institute, in partnership and collaboration with the American Indian Student Center, utilizing funds from Bader Philanthropies, will be hosting a number of native artists to share their talents.

Fall 2024: Information coming soon

Spring 2024: None

Fall 2023: Johnathan Thunder, October 16th through October 27th

Bringing Home the Sturgeon

Grand Entry (triptych)


Spring 2023: Inaugural Artist: Sam Zimmerman, Zhaawanoogiizhik, April 10th through April 28th

Mookise Ozaaweshiinh / Morning Goldfinch

Gimaawandoobimin ji-kinoo’amaadiyang / We Gather to Share