Native Language Shirts for Sale



Pride $15/each

Chi-bizhew Gitenimowin (Panther Pride) (listen and learn!)
Maampii Dibendaagoziyaang (Here is where we belong) (listen and learn!)


Greetings $15/each

**Now available in a gray long sleeve version!

Boozhoo / Bozho / Pōsōh / Aho/ Shekóli/ Koonamansi
(Greetings or “Hello” in Menominee / Ojibwe / Oneida / Stockbridge / Potawatomi / Ho-Chunk; all the nations of Wisconsin)

You can use the form below to order a shirt. You can order quantities of the same shirt. However, if you want to order different shirts (like one Pride and one Greetings) you will need to submit the form multiple times. OR you can call us at 414-229-5355, email:, or use the contact us form.

Payment will need to be made prior to shipment. Gimiigwechin. 


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