Leaders of the Good Land

Teacher Training and Administrative Leadership Program

What is the Electa Quinney Institute (EQI)?

We are a small research institute focused on American Indian Education located on the UW- Milwaukee campus. The institute is named for Electa Quinney, Wisconsin’s first public school teacher. EQI supports the Native American community on the UWM campus, throughout Milwaukee and Wisconsin, and beyond through various programs, outreach, education and research.

What is the Leaders of the Good Land Focused Teacher Training and Administrative Leadership Program?

It is a multi-year grant funded by the Office of Indian Education through the U.S. Department of Education to support the survival of American Indian children and indigenous culture in schools by preparing and increasing the number of qualified American Indians to become licensed teachers or administrators.

Which academic programs do you support?

This program supports degrees offered through the School of Education at many levels; bachelor’s degree, post-bachelorette certification, and master’s degree programs. Please see the School of Education website for the full list of degree programs. In order to have sufficient time to complete your education within the timeframe of the funding a minimum of 2 semesters and/or years (24+ credit hours) of undergraduate education must be completed prior to beginning the program.

Do I have to be apply to UW-Milwaukee or another University of Wisconsin school separately?

Yes, you must apply and be accepted to UW-Milwaukee, or another UW School with a School of Education, as a student for the program of your choice. Meaning that you must be accepted to the School of Education (SOE) for all bachelor’s and post-baccalaureate programs or the Graduate School for any master’s program. Deadlines and requirements are program specific, so we encourage you to communicate with SOE and the Graduate School.

Do I have to be a full-time student?

Yes, you must be considered a “full-time student” by your educational program.

Will my tuition be covered?

In-state tuition and all related fees will be covered for each qualified student. Each student must be a degree candidate for a baccalaureate, post-bacc certification, or graduate degree and carry a full course load.

Do I have to be a UWM student to participate?

At this time, you can be enrolled at any University of Wisconsin, School of Ed. to participate. Please inquire first.

What is the time commitment to participate?

You must be enrolled as a full-time student, often needing to take courses in the summer in addition to the academic year. Your academic program needs to be completed within three years of admission. This may require you to take summer session courses.

I live outside of Wisconsin. Can I still participate in the EQI Teacher Training and Administrative Leadership program?

As an out-of-state student, you can still apply for the program, but you must meet all other criteria. Since most programs are not online, you might be required to relocate to Milwaukee or close to the UW school enrolled in. The university will provide a waiver for Wisconsin residency.

Do you provide a monthly stipend for living expenses?

Each grant provides different levels of support. Please inquire within EQI for additional details.

Do you provide housing assistance to participants?

We do not provide housing assistance with the program but will refer students to housing programs on the UWM campus.

Can I work while participating in the program?

Yes, with some limitations depending on the degree program sought.

I received this funding in a previous cycle. Can I still apply?

Alumni of previous grants are welcome to apply, but there are some limitations. The applicant must have completed the payback requirement from the previous grant and provide documentation of such; student cannot be in default of any student loans; and the student must qualify for all criteria in the current application.

I applied before but did not get accepted/ withdrew my application. Can I apply again?

Yes, a student can certainly reapply.

What is the minimum cumulative grade point average to participate in this program?

As required by UW-Milwaukee, undergraduate students must maintain a minimum GPA of a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. The GPA requirements are different for graduate students.

What does the US Department of Education mean by “Indian” (Native American)? I am not enrolled; do I qualify for this program?

Maybe. Since this program is funded by the DOE, all participants must meet the DOE definition of an “Indian”. That definition is:

  1. A member of an Indian tribe or band, as membership is defined by the Indian tribe or band, including any tribe or band terminated since 1940, and any tribe or band recognized by the State in which the tribe or band resides;
  2. A descendant of a parent or grandparent who meets the requirements of paragraph (1.) of this definition;
  3. Considered by the Secretary of the Interior to be an Indian for any purpose;
  4. An Eskimo, Aleut, or other Alaska Native; or
  5. A member of an organized Indian group that received a grant under the Indian Education Act of 1988 as it was in effect on October 19, 1994.

What is the application, interview, and selection timeline?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the all slots are filled for the grant cycle. Please inquire before submitting an application.

What happens after the program?

Upon graduation, EQI will assist each student in finding work in their related field. Additionally, during the first two years of job placement EQI will continue be a source of support and additional training (called the “induction” period).