Fire Circle

About the project

We are grateful for the support received from Bader Philanthropies, Inc. and Dr. Isabel L. Bader that is funding The Electa Quinney Institute work with with Studio:Indigenous  to create a site for celebrating and reflecting on our connection to the place where we live in the form of a Fire Circle on campus located on the green in the circle drive by the original campus quad; by Holton, Merrill, and Johnston Hall.

Proposed Location

This aerial photo shows the proposed location of the fire circle illustrating how much space would be taken by the installation.

Draft Design

Here is an early draft illustration of the design created by UWM’s own Chris Cornelius (School of Architecture and Urban Design) and the founder of Studio:Indigenous.

Wāēwāēnen, Miigwech, Migwetth, Wa’įniginąp šąną and Yaw^ko.