Indigenous Land Management Summer Internship Program

The Electa Quinney Institute has partnered with Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Greenseams® program to develop Indigenous Land Management Plans for selected sties within the Milwaukee River Basin.

This internship program is a new opportunity for UW-Milwaukee Students to participate in this project as summer interns (paid). Starting with the Indigenous understanding of a baseline of flourishing, you will learn about the Indigenous definition of nature-based environmental solutions. You will learn nature-based land-management through Indigenous agriculture, with possible establishment of orchards and indigenous trees, and prairie re-establishment through a specialized study of Indigenous Land Management Planning and Implementation. Indigenous methodologies create a diffuse agricultural system and a close kinship with the land, which will take several years to see the full impact. Through experiential learning, students will collect data to have a holistic comprehensive understanding of the plan’s results.

Participants will be required to enroll in AIS 489, being taught by Nathon Breu, for the full 12-week summer session. (There are a limited number of scholarships available to help with tuition costs.) .

Interested? Fill out the application below. Deadline to apply is April 20, 2024.

Have questions about applying? Please reach out to us.