Regional Faculty Support Guidelines

CLACS Support of On-Campus Events/Activities


Requestors must be regional faculty associates of CLACS who are involved in enhancing the on-campus experience of their students and colleagues with respect to highlighting diverse perspectives of the Latin America or Caribbean region.

Activity Support Categories

CLACS funding can support visitors or guest speakers at your campus, as well as conferences, symposia, and other culture or language related events on campus.

Funding of the Awards

Requests will be considered on an ongoing basis. The dollar amount will generally be in the range of $250 to $500 and the number of awards will depend on available funds and previous support from CLACS. Prior to payment an activity/event flyer acknowledging CLACS and referencing its federal funding must accompany an invoice from your institution to UW-Milwaukee. Suggested wording: “(Event Title) is made possible in part through U.S. Department of Education grant funds administered by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, a Title VI National Resource Center.”

A Complete Application Includes

  1. General information about you and the activity;
  2. Specific, detailed information about the activity (1-2 pages);
  3. Statement about how the activity aligns with CLACS’ mission statement (below)

CLACS Mission Statement

The mission of the UW Consortium, both as a resource center and as an academic program, is threefold: to train Latin Americanist specialists for academic, government, and private sectors; to support Latin Americanist students and faculty in their intellectual development so that they can become and remain superior language and area specialists; to serve as a local, regional, and national resource center that provides outreach, support services, and information to other university units, K-16, government, civic, community, and business constituencies.