• UWinteriM & Spring programs: October 1
  • Summer, Fall & Academic Year programs: March 1

These deadlines apply for the majority of programs. Please check the brochure page of your program of interest or the study abroad deadlines page for variations.


Complete any other requirements as applicable. Your application will provide further directions.

For help completing your application, please contact CIE at or 414-229-4846.

Before Acceptance

  • $100 application fee – This may be paid online via credit card or in person by check, money order or cashiers check made payable to “UW-Milwaukee”.
  • Academic recommendation – An academic recommendation is an electronic questionnaire filled out by a faculty member or TA that you designate. Ask this person for permission ahead of sending the email request through your online application, and follow up with them if it remains incomplete.
  • Unofficial UWM transcript – This can be retrieved from PAWS. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. For non-UWM students, you may have to submit an official transcript from your home university. Your study abroad application will also have guidelines on how to properly upload the scanned file.
  • Copy of a valid passport (or proof of purchase) – If you have not yet gotten a passport, click here for directions on how to apply for one in the Milwaukee area. Do this right away, and upload a copy of your receipt to your application as proof of purchase. If you already have a passport, follow the detailed instructions in your study abroad application for inputting information and uploading a copy.
  • Read and e-sign required documents

After Acceptance

  • Background Disclosure – University of Wisconsin System Policy requires students applying to (i) a study abroad program, (ii) a study away program, or (iii) University housing to make certain background disclosures in conjunction with their applications. Disclosing information will not necessarily result in your application being denied; however, your failure to disclose accurate information may constitute grounds for denying your application and subject you to disciplinary action.
  • Medical Self-Assessment – It is vital for UWM to have your current health information in case of an emergency. The information you disclose in this questionnaire will not be used to affect your eligibility to participate in the program. The responses you provide below will help to facilitate any requested accommodations, and to assist in the response to any health concerns that may arise while you are abroad.
  • Special Medical Health Risk and Release – CIE requires students that are studying abroad in countries outside of Europe, Australia and Canada to meet with a medical professional and complete this form. However, all students who are traveling abroad are recommended to proactively visit their medical practitioner.
  • Flight Form – You will need to upload a copy of your travel itinerary, unless you participate in a faculty-led program where your flight is included in your program fee (stated on the budget sheet).
  • Learning Content – CIE provides essential content for students to read prior to departure.
  • General Orientation Assessment – In addition to a site-specific orientation, it is mandatory to participate in a general pre-departure orientation with the CIE Study Abroad staff. Topics covered at this meeting include safety, health, packing and travel tips, academics and financial information. You will need to complete the associated assessment to test your knowledge and understanding.
  • Read and e-sign required documents

Frequently Asked Questions

How do students apply?

Application instructions vary slightly by program type and some have additional requirements. For the most accurate information on applying for a program, visit

When are the application deadlines?

For Summer, Academic Year and Fall programs the deadline is March 1. For UWinteriM and Spring programs the deadline is October 1. Some programs may have an earlier or later application deadline. Check the program page to make sure you know when the correct deadline is. Scholarship applications may not correspond with program application deadlines, so be sure to research them carefully.

When should students apply for a passport?

All students wishing to participate in a study abroad program must have a valid passport or proof of purchase (a receipt) by the time they apply for a program. Those without a valid passport should apply for one as soon as possible as it takes several weeks for the passport application to be processed and the document delivered. Please refer to U.S. Department of State website for a passport application, instructions, and additional information. Failure to apply for a passport before the UWM application deadline will result in their ineligibility to participate.

Our office takes passport photos at very competitive prices! Visit our Travel Services page for more information.

Will I need a visa to study abroad?

In some cases, yes; there are many types of visas and the visa rules and regulations are constantly changing. It’s important, therefore, to plan ahead to ensure that students have the visa they need to cover their stay outside of the United States.

What happens after I’ve applied?

After the application deadline, the study abroad coordinator, along with any relevant departmental faculty/staff, review all of the applications to determine whether or not to accept a student to their chosen program. Students receive official notice of this decision via e-mail. If accepted, the e-mail will contain important information about next steps, such as how to commit or decline their participation in the program, and expectations as students prepare to go abroad. This information will likely include post-decision forms, any orientations or class meetings that the student is required to attend prior to departure, an online quiz and any other relevant details. It is important to make note of any post-acceptance requirements, as failure to meet those expectations can jeopardize students’ participation in the program.

The application states it requires an academic recommendation. What specifically is this looking for? A letter from a professor?

The academic recommendation should be submitted electronically through your online application. You will provide an e-mail address and name for the professor or TA you wish to write the recommendation. They will then receive a link to access and submit their responses to the questions in our system.

Can I change the professor/TA that I want to write my recommendation?

Yes. Please contact our office so that we can remove the recommender you originally input.

When will I receive my acceptance information?

You will be sent information regarding acceptance within 3 weeks after the deadline. From there, you will need to either commit or decline participation in the program.

What does it mean to ‘commit’ to a program?

After you are accepted to the program and officially confirm/commit your participation, you will be liable for all non-recoverable program expenses. If you withdraw after confirmation, we will do everything we can to make those expenses as minimal as possible, but it is likely that you will owe a significant portion of the cost. Please do not confirm/commit if you think you will be unable to afford the program.

Can I wait to commit to my program? I need to see if I’m awarded the scholarships and grants I applied for first.

Confirmation/Commitment deadlines are firm. No scholarship or grant is ever guaranteed, so make sure you have backup funding to finance your program.