The CIE Main Office (Garland 138) will be closed to in-person visitors during the week of the Republican National Convention (July 15-19, 2024). Our staff can be reached virtually at or 414-229-4846 during our regular office hours, Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

By registering your travel you will also be able to request CISI international health insurance enrollment coverage. CISI is not travel insurance, so it may not necessarily be used to cover the cost of canceled travel or lost luggage. This insurance is meant to supplement, not replace, travelers’ regular insurance plans. The cost of the insurance can be paid for by check or money order to the Center for International Education or invoiced to a department or unit on campus.

Please note it is also possible to have someone register on your behalf as a proxy.

Processing of registrations and insurance is not done the same day. If traveling alone or with other UWM faculty or staff, you must register at least one week prior to departure. Requests within five business days of departure may be subject to a $15 rush fee. Please plan accordingly.

Traveling with Students

If faculty are traveling with a group of UWM students, travel registrations are needed by both the faculty and students. All registrations should be completed at least three weeks prior to departure (i.e.: if you depart June 1, you must register by May 11) to ensure proper processing. 

Please note that students are charged a $100 International Activities fee that includes the cost of insurance for up to four weeks and emergency support, as well as access to all of CIE’s services. If the international travel is longer than one month in duration, the faculty will be charged an additional fee to extend coverage. 

Faculty will be charged a $58 International Activities fee, which includes the cost of insurance, emergency support and access to CIE’s services. If international travel is longer than one month, the faculty will be charged an additional fee to extend coverage.  

Any registration requests within three weeks of departure could be subject to a $50 late registration fee. If applying within five business days of departure, a rush fee of $50 will be applied in addition to the late registration fee. Please plan accordingly. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact

Eligibility & Insurance Coverage

Faculty and Staff are not required to purchase CISI insurance, but it is strongly encouraged for the following individuals:

  • UWM faculty and assistants who conduct UWM research abroad
  • UWM faculty and staff attending international conferences
  • UWM faculty and staff serving as part of an official UWM delegation abroad
  • UWM faculty and staff traveling for other university-related purposes

If you are unsure about your eligibility you should e-mail with the information indicated below no later than one week before your scheduled international travel if traveling alone or with other faculty/staff, and no later than three weeks before departure if traveling with students.

  • Travel Dates
  • Destination(s) – include day-to-day itinerary if available
  • Purpose of travel
  • Relationship to UWM

Following receipt of registrations, the Enrollment Coordinator will review the information submitted to determine eligibility and follow up on missing materials. Review criteria include, but are not limited to, having a clear connection to UWM travel-related business, and whether or not the university will be able to ensure adherence to legal and risk management principles. Once enrolled in the insurance, they will then be contacted by the Enrollment Coordinator with CISI materials and about payment for coverage.


Faculty/Staff traveling alone are initially covered on a weekly basis, with rates as listed below. Faculty/staff traveling with students will automatically be covered on the same monthly basis as their students.

Enrollments and costs are assigned based on the itinerary dates they detail in their travel registrations. They will also be sent an email summarizing CISI coverage, total costs, and methods of payment.

2022-2023 Rates

  • One week: $28
  • Two weeks: $38
  • Three weeks: $47
  • One Month: $58
    • Any additional months will be charged $43/per month

Any questions regarding insurance coverage costs should be directed to

Travel Registration

For Faculty and staff wanting to register for CISI International Health Insurance for travel abroad. Please click the button below to get started.

Proxy Travel Registration

Proxy registration is available for those who wish to register travel as well as request CISI insurance on behalf of someone else. You will be able to log in using your own credentials, search for them by name, and then input the required information. Click the button below to get started.


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