Welcome to the Tutoring Center, where Lubar College of Business students have a one-stop shop for all their academic support!

This beautifully designed space offers abundant natural light and moveable chairs and tables to provide multiple workspaces conducive to both individual and group tutoring. State-of-the-art technology allows tutors to host sessions face-to-face and virtually. Visit the new Lubar Tutoring Center to enhance your academic skills and ensure success in your business classes and beyond!

A number of tutoring resources are available to Lubar students for both Business and other UWM classes.

Business Classes

Tutoring for undergraduate business classes are offered through the Student Success Center utilizing Collaborate Ultra on your Canvas account. For more information about how to view, sign up, and join tutoring sessions, click here.

Business courses for which tutoring is available:

BUS ADM 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS ADM 202 Managerial Accounting
BUS ADM 210 Statistical Modeling in Business Analytics
BUS ADM 230 Introduction to Information Technology Management
BUS ADM 330 Organizations
BUS ADM 350 Principles of Finance
BUS ADM 370 Introduction to Supply Chain Management

UWM Course Tutoring

As a UWM student, you also have free access to the online tutoring program NetTutor –  trained professional tutors available to help you in a variety of courses. For directions on how to access NetTutor, click here. You can find important dates and deadlines listed here.

Supplemental Instruction

The UWM Student Success Center also provides Supplemental Instruction (designed for large lecture classes).

Students can participate anytime during the semester. During sessions, you can  review course material, ask questions, and learn study strategies to help you succeed. Supplemental Instruction (SI)  leaders regularly attend class in order to take notes and keep up with class discussions. SI Leaders then offer four (or more) review sessions each week to review course material and provide personal attention to student questions.

You can view SI times, join sessions, or sign up for tutoring at the SSC website. For questions on SSC tutoring for your courses, please e-mail ssc@uwm.edu.