While you’re a Lubar student, you can expand your cultural perspectives, develop your knowledge of international business, and develop friendships around the globe through an international study experience. Study abroad opportunities are available to a wide range of destinations and for lengths of time ranging from a few weeks to a full academic year.

Explore the possibilities for study abroad early in your college career so you can plan ahead. Be sure to talk to your academic advisor about what you’d like to do so that you can map out your academic plans and make the most of these exciting global learning experiences.

The Lubar School of Business offers the following Business Study Abroad Programs, in partnership with UWM’s Center for International Education.

Business in Germany

Bus Adm 498 (undergraduate) or Bus Mgmt 726 (graduate)
Travel to Germany to learn the dynamics of German business in this high-quality study abroad program. Students will spend one week in Frankfurt – the financial capital of Germany and one week in Berlin – the political capital of Germany. There will be several visits to German companies as well as interesting guest lectures. Students will also participate in many cultural activities and day trips to see castles, museums, and more. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to earn academic credit and gain valuable insights into how business is conducted in Germany – Europe’s strongest economy.

Immersion in European Business

Bus Adm 498 (undergraduate) or Bus Mgmt 726 (graduate)
Join us for an exciting program exploring business and cultural practices in France. This business study program includes corporate visits and networking opportunities with French students and renowned European faculty. You will learn from interesting presentations on business in Western Europe, and enjoy many day trips to explore castles and other historical landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. The program resides in Paris – the City of Light – and includes travel to many historic and famous cities throughout France.

Southeast Asia

Bus Adm 498 (undergraduate) or Bus Mgmt 726 (graduate)
Expand your world-view, self-confidence, and international business acumen through this Business Study Abroad Program. Corporate and cultural visits, business-class hotels, private tour guides/buses and many meals are included.  In the summer of 2017, we traveled to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Siem Reap, Cambodia; and Bangkok, Thailand.  The Business Study Abroad program will vary the selection of countries every year. Come join us as we explore these politically, socially and culturally diverse Asian locations!

Ernst & Young Accounting Study Abroad

This program, supported by Ernst & Young (EY), is currently being redesigned. Please check back later for updated information.

Are You Interested in Something Else? 

Programs to other areas of the world, as well as semester-long or year-long study abroad programs, are offered through UWM’s Center for International EducationBe sure to check back regularly – our program offerings can change from semester to semester.