These simulations and corresponding facilitation can be tailored to drive a wide array of learning outcomes and use key performance indicators that are aligned to the metrics used in your business, so participants are demonstrating their ability to get results the right way.  

Online Business Simulations

Lubar Executive Programs uses a few highly configurable online business simulations, to help people practice executive level decision making in a safe environment.  Once the simulation begins, participants will need to constantly review their P&L and associated real-time data to make decisions.  As those decisions play out, their strategy and tactics will need some adjustment to remain competitive.    

Custom Built Simulations

We can simulate a leadership challenge that individuals can expect to encounter during their careers in a safe environment to accelerate learning.  The 70/20/10 model for Learning and Development, created by researchers and authors working with the Center for Creative Leadership, claims that individuals tend to learn 70% of knowledge from challenging experiences and assignments, 20% from developmental relationships, and 10% from coursework and training. 

After investing significantly in formal training emerging leaders, a simulation can:

•      Help bridge the gap between the classroom and real world, giving participants the opportunity to try new concepts and tools, while taking risks in a safe environment.
•      Create a forum to practice giving and receiving feedback.
•      Provide senior leaders in the organization an opportunity to evaluate the progress of their emerging leaders as well as the impact of their development program. 

Potential Challenges to Simulate

  1. Turning around a failing business unit.
  2. Assessing potential mergers and planning an integration
  3. Accepting and preparing for a promotion in a different country.
  4. Preparing and executing an executive level presentation in a short amount of time.

Session Format

Participants will work in teams through a case study or a series of mini-case studies, depicting a common leadership challenge, and must work quickly with them to assess the situation and determine the best approach to address it.
The final part of the simulation will be to create and deliver a group presentation for senior executives or the board of directors to share their analysis and recommendations.

Shawn Vollmer
Outreach Program Manager
Lubar Hall, N479