Our custom executive programs offer unique and powerful ways for your organization to develop your high-potential managers. From initial assessment through delivery and evaluation, we work in sync with you and your team to provide the right content and approach to meet your company’s needs.

Why Choose Lubar Executive Education?

Highly Collaborative to Target Your Unique Needs

Designing a custom program is a collaborative effort in which our team and yours partner on a shared mission. We know how to ask the right questions to help you define your challenges — and then we work with you to tailor a curriculum through which participants find the right path to solve those challenges.  Further, it’s also our job to understand your business, your corporate culture, and your industry, and so that we best meet your long-term needs.

Results-Driven Focus through Action Learning

Action Learning is a challenge to each of our program participants to apply tools or concepts that they have learned to make a significant, positive difference in their workplace. These applications can range from individual leadership or management improvements to organization-wide change initiatives that affect the direction or scope of a department – or the company as a whole.

High Quality Faculty and Professional Environment

Lubar School of Business faculty have the right combination of knowledge and experience to deliver effective programs for the executive audience. Our faculty often partner with members of your executive team or other industry experts to bring the right focus to the discussion. Programs can be held in the professional executive facilities at the Lubar School of Business, on-site at your company, or at another location of your choosing.

To learn how you can bring the power of a custom Lubar program to your organization, please contact Mike Markiewicz, Director of Executive Programs.

For More Information

Michael Markiewicz
Director, Executive Programs
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(414) 229-6417