Your business is unique. The way you develop your leaders should be as well. 

Lubar Executive Programs will customize a leadership development program that is a powerful, silo-breaking, team-building, culture-enhancing experience for your organization’s high-potential talent. Our customized approach is focused on three key principles that drive return on investment.

Collaborative Design

The most powerful custom program results from a collaborative process that allows the mission, values, and culture of your business to influence the program’s design. Our decades of experience in customized leadership programs has validated an approach to program design that is done in close partnership with your leadership development team. The result? An experience that reinforces your organization’s leadership philosophy while providing knowledge, tools, and creative approaches to develop your high potential leaders.

Experienced Facilitators

Our programs are led by expert instructors and facilitators, including Lubar College of Business faculty and skilled business executives with top credentials and experience. In addition, the Lubar Executive Program team will work with you to identify internal executives or stakeholders to help reinforce how to apply the new tools, information, and behaviors in ways that advance the strategy of the business.

Action Learning: Yielding Immediate Value and Results

The primary tenet of Lubar Executive Programs is to develop leaders through Action Learning principles. In collaboration with you to achieve your desired outcomes, we focus on an individualized core learning experience that challenges each participant to apply the tools and concepts they have learned to an actionable project in their workplace. The lessons learned in the classroom can be applied, tried, and reinforced through immediate application. While learning takes place in the classroom, Action Learning means that business objectives and projects are being completed back in the organization. 

To learn how you can bring the power of a custom Lubar program to your organization, please contact Mike Markiewicz, Director of Executive Programs.

Shawn Vollmer
Outreach Program Manager
Lubar Hall, N479