Challenging others and challenging ourselves—this is what the Lubar School of Business is all about.

What sets the Lubar School apart is our relentless “make it happen” attitude.  The Lubar experience combines leading edge knowledge with a shirt-sleeves rolled up focus on accomplishing success in business and in life.

Lubar students are known for both their abilities and their strong work ethic, built through meaningful internships and professional opportunities they gain from leading companies in southeastern Wisconsin. Our employer partners know that Lubar graduates are “job ready” the day they walk through the door.

Likewise, our faculty challenge current thinking in areas that impact the world of business — from applying algorithms — to using geolocation technologies to build a brand on social media — to improving transportation through the Panama Canal through research-based supply chain logistics.

And similar to our students, our faculty bring their A-game to the classroom, engaging students in new approaches to solving business problems and incorporating the results of their world-class research into a dynamic curriculum.