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Psychology of Choice Leads to Big Gains in Voluntary Giving
People love to express themselves so much that they’re actually willing to pay for the opportunity, as Assistant Professor of Marketing Katherine Du‘s research published in the Journal of Marketing shows. Read more

Featured Research

  • Stock Buyback Image
    Do Executives Really Benefit From Stock Repurchases?
    A Wall Street Journal article earlier this month reported that stock buybacks in 2022 are proceeding at a record clip. Citing data from Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the article stated that – in the first two months of the year alone – firms in the S&P 500 have announced buyback plans valued at $238 billion., PepsiCo, Union Pacific, Best Buy, and Colgate-Palmolive are among the firms accounted for in this “surge of activity,” with … Read more
  • Illustration of chatbot and customer
    Does Humanizing How a Chatbot Interacts Make a Difference?
    Even if you’re not familiar with the term “chatbot,” it’s more than likely that you know one — named Alexa. Yes, that Alexa. As in, “Alexa, how far is it from Anchorage to Miami?” or “Alexa, where can I watch Game of Thrones?” In brief, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can understand and answer questions. Beyond the practical (and entertainment) value chatbots like Alexa provide, these technologies are increasingly being adopted … Read more
  • Purushottam Papatla
    How Advertisers Are Using Mounds of Data to Persuade Us to Buy
    The season of shopping is upon us, and retailers and marketers are bombarding us with messages about purchasing. Even without the effect of holidays, the average person is exposed to more than 4,500 commercial messages every day. Most of these advertisements are easy to ignore, leaving marketers to grapple with ways to get their messages heard. So what is it about an ad – whether it’s traditional or digital – that stops us in our … Read more

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The Lubar School of Business Research Seminar Series is a lively forum for discussion of scholarly topics by faculty and doctoral students. Lubar faculty, PhD candidates, and invited guests present their current research for feedback and engaging dialogue. Members of the campus community and other interested visitors are welcome to attend.

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