As leaders in the classroom as well as in management research, Lubar College of Business faculty combine applied research and theory with corporate experience and insight.

The end results? Knowledge that develops Lubar students into solid business professionals and managers. Classrooms that inspire and challenge. And new streams of thought that enhance research and practice.

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Do Executives Really Benefit From Stock Repurchases?
Assistant Professor of Finance Michael Farrell‘s research published in Management Science shows that repurchases create small price effects that dissipate quickly, and are but a tiny fraction of a CEO’s average annual compensation. Read more

Featured Research

  • Atish Sinha
    Analytics and Coordination of Care in the Healthcare Industry
    Coordination of care in the healthcare setting may not only result in better patient outcomes, but also stands to make a significant dent healthcare costs in the U.S., where 18.3% of gross domestic product was attributed to healthcare spending in 2021. In fact, a 2019 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that failures in care coordination account for $27.2 billion to $78.2 billion in waste per year in the United … Read more
  • Voice Assistant Technology
    Alexa, Should My Company Invest in Voice Technology?
    If you have a smart speaker (50% of internet users do), you may ask your smart “friend” to provide the current temperature, to turn on your favorite podcast, or to dig into the internet for a factoid you urgently need. But how about engaging it to turn on your oven or your lights, to retrieve your bank balance, or to place a restaurant order? Companies investing in these technologies are trying to enhance their customers’ … Read more
  • Maria Goranova
    The Corporate Objective and Contemporary Shareholders: Is It Time for “Strategic” Corporate Governance?
    The following was originally published in the Columbia Law School’s Blog on Corporations and the Capital Markets, and was authored by Maria Goranova, Professor of Strategic Management, Lubar College of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Lori Verstegen Ryan, Ralph V. Whitworth Chair in Corporate Governance at San Diego State University. The long-standing debate about corporate purpose has stirred multiple thought-provoking articles across various disciplines. Should companies embrace shareholder value maximization or deal with … Read more

Research Seminar Series

The Lubar College of Business Research Seminar Series is a lively forum for discussion of scholarly topics by faculty and doctoral students. Lubar faculty, PhD candidates, and invited guests present their current research for feedback and engaging dialogue. Members of the campus community and other interested visitors are welcome to attend.

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