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Psychology of Choice Leads to Big Gains in Voluntary Giving
People love to express themselves so much that they’re actually willing to pay for the opportunity, as Assistant Professor of Marketing Katherine Du‘s research published in the Journal of Marketing shows. Read more

Featured Research

  • Illustration of chatbot and customer
    Does Humanizing How a Chatbot Interacts Make a Difference?
    Even if you’re not familiar with the term “chatbot,” it’s more than likely that you know one — named Alexa. Yes, that Alexa. As in, “Alexa, how far is it from Anchorage to Miami?” or “Alexa, where can I watch Game of Thrones?” In brief, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can understand and answer questions. Beyond the practical (and entertainment) value chatbots like Alexa provide, these technologies are increasingly being adopted … Read more
  • Person doing online review
    Reducing Online Product Returns by Expanding Customer Reviews
    For most of us, our online retail shopping increased significantly during the pandemic. More than likely, our online shopping returns increased at an even greater rate. And why not? Most retailers feel compelled to have an easy return policy in order to keep their customers happy. But as with all things, that comes with a cost. Definitely, a cost that’s been felt by businesses. And almost certainly, a cost that’s being passed on to the … Read more
  • Communication graphic
    TV-Induced Emotions and Online Word-of-Mouth Advertising
    Social media channels such as Twitter have emerged as the de-facto platforms for information sharing and communication, including during many television programs. Social chatter has added entertainment value and fun for many of us while we watch fan favorites like Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, and the Super Bowl. This convergence of TV programs and real-time social media responses even has a name: social TV. But social TV can provide far more than entertainment … Read more

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The Lubar School of Business Research Seminar Series is a lively forum for discussion of scholarly topics by faculty and doctoral students. Lubar faculty, PhD candidates, and invited guests present their current research for feedback and engaging dialogue. Members of the campus community and other interested visitors are welcome to attend.

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