• Please include first and last name
  • Step 1: Review the Academic Action Policy

    If your cumulative GPA falls below 2.000 at the end of any term (including summer), you will be on Academic Probation. As long as your term GPA in subsequent semesters remains above 2.000, you can continue to take classes even if your cumulative GPA remains below 2.000. To return to good standing, a 2.000 cumulative GPA is required. More information can be found in our Academic Catalog: https://catalog.uwm.edu/policies/undergraduate-policies/#academicpoliciestext
  • Step 2: Self-Assessment Essay

    We would like to develop a plan of action specifically designed to your needs in order to help you become more successful in your next semester at UWM. To help us better understand your needs, we would like you to write a short essay below in which you address FIVE main points.
  • For example, what demands did you have on your time outside of class? If you worked, how many hours per week did you work? Where and when did you seek help when you struggled in a course?
  • For example, will you be working less? Have you resolved a family or relationship issue that was affecting your academics?
  • You may have used these resources before or they may be new to you.
  • Step 3: Explore Campus Resources to Help You Succeed

    Resources are available at UWM to help you address health, personal, financial, and academic challenges. Please visit this website to view our many resources: https://uwm.edu/studenthandbook/student-resources/
  • Step 4: Submit this form and Schedule an Appointment with your Advisor

    If you have not already done so, please schedule your mandatory probation meeting with your advisor through Navigate or call 414-229-5271. Log on to Navigate here: https://uwmilwaukee.campus.eab.com/
    Your advisor is assigned by the first letter of your last name. See letter assignments above.
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