More information on common policies that affect Lubar undergraduate students can be found below.  In the event you are in need of an exception to any of these policies, please speak with your academic advisor:

To schedule an appointment online, please visit:

Add Deadline –  For every academic session, there is a deadline to add, swap, or edit enrolled courses.

Admission to degree-granting program – Students are eligible to be admitted to their major when the following requirements have been completed. We encourage students to apply for admission to major in the semester they are completed their final requirements:

Attain Junior standing (56 credits)

Satisfy Oral and Written Communication requirement (Part A) (complete the English sequence with a “C” or better in English 102 or through English Placement Test, ACT, or SAT)

Satisfy Quantitative Literacy requirement (Part A) (complete the math sequence with a grade of “C” or better in Math 105 or Math 108 or place high enough on the Math Placement Test)

Complete the Business Foundation courses (with a GPA of 2.25 or above)

Obtain a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above in ALL coursework, including transfer coursework

Credit/No Credit

Concurrent Enrollment

Drop Deadlines
Every academic semester has 2 drop deadlines. The first is to drop a course with no notation on your transcript. The second is to drop a course with no tuition remission and a “W” on your transcript.  There are also tuition refund deadlines throughout the first weeks of a term.

Note:  A “W” on your transcript does not impact your term or cumulative GPA.

Enrollment Polices –

Repeating Courses
You may repeat a course completed at UWM only once, and the higher of the two grades will be calculated your the GPA.  Both attempts will appear on your transcript.

Study Abroad Credits – If you are planning a study abroad experience, please see your academic advisor. They will assist you in the process of gaining course equivalency prior to your departure:

Transferring Credits 

Undergraduate Credit Limits –
Fall/Spring term:  18 credit maximum.  12 credits minimum to be considered full time.
Winterim: 3 credit maximum.
Summer: 12 credit maximum.

Withdrawal – To withdraw is to drop all classes for a given term.  The deadline to withdraw can be found here:  To drop one course and continue in other enrolled courses, please reference “Drop Deadlines” above.

For More Information

Undergraduate Student Services Office
Lubar Hall N297
(414) 229 5271