Online submissions of Applications and Forms are sent to the Lubar Student Service office. If you would like more information or have questions questions about an Application or a Form, please set up a time to meet with an Advisor.


Admission to Major Application

All Admission to Major requirements must be complete AND grades must be posted prior to being admitted to your major. You will not be able to enroll in upper level business courses until you have been admitted to your major. Refer to your major curriculum under the Program Plans or set up a meeting with your Advisor for Admission to Major requirements.

Business Minor Application

If you are a Business Major OR a Global Studies Major on the Global Management track, you cannot declare a business minor

Certificate in Investment Management Application

Build an outstanding foundation for portfolio management, gaining a substantial competitive edge for pursuing a career as an investment analyst, financial analyst, investment advisor, investment banker, credit analyst, or even to eventually become an independent financier.

Lubar Business Scholars Application

Please review the Lubar Business Scholars website for requirements, prior to applying to the Lubar Business Scholars Program. Application deadline: Last day of spring classes prior to the start of your sophomore year.

Lubar Scholarship Information and Applications

You must be admitted to UW-Milwaukee with an intended undergraduate major in Business or be admitted to a Lubar graduate program in order to apply for these scholarships.

Student Probation Self Assessment Essay

If you have been placed on Academic Probation and have a New Student Probation Hold on your PAWS Account, this essay will be required to be completed and brought with you for your Academic Advising Appointment.

For More Information

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