Colin Scanes

Professor Emeritus
Biosciences / Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

Recent Publications

Christensen, Karen, McMurtry, John P., Thaxton, Yvonne V., Corzo, Alex, Thaxton, James P., McDaniel, Chris, and Scanes, Colin G. “Metabolic and hormonal responses of growing modern meat type chickens to fasting.” British Poultry Science, Taylor and Francis 54. (2013): DOI:10.1080/00071668.2013.772953.
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Christensen, Karen, Thaxton, Yvonne V., Thaxton, James P., and Scanes, Colin G. “Changes in body temperature during growth and in response to fasting in growing modern meat type chickens.” British Poultry Science, Taylor and Francis 53. (2012): 531-537.
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Scanes, Colin G. “Hormones and Metabolism in Poultry.” Update on Mechanisms of Hormone Action - Focus on Metabolism, Growth and Reproduction.. InTech, (2011).
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