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    Into the Woods, 2012


Students will be trained thoroughly in the performance skills necessary to compete in the professional world of musical theatre. Included in this track are a solid developmental and pedagogical foundation in music (voice, theory and musicianship, piano, large and small music ensembles), dance (history of the musical theatre art form, ballet, tap, jazz, and theatre dance), and theatre (acting, play analysis, and theatre production).

Courses created for this program can also benefit students pursuing K-12 certification, and enhance the quality of work they may be asked to do in conjunction with their teaching responsibilities.

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Curriculum below is approved for students currently enrolled in the respective program, depending upon original date of declaration. Future adjustments for new/incoming students will be posted by Fall Semester. After reviewing, please connect with our advising office to start planning your degree path today!

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Theatre: Musical Theatre

A successful audition is required prior to entry into the program. View the department requirements on the admission page for more information.

University Core 45 Credits
Competencies (more info)
English Parts A & B *
Math Parts A & B *
Foreign Language *
General Education Requirements (more info)
Humanities 6
Social Science 6
Natural Science (1 course with lab) 6
Cultural Diversity *
Peck School of the Arts
MUSIC 244 Basic Diction 1
Choral Ensemble (2 sem) 2
DANCE 315 History of the American Musical Theatre 3
Peck School of the Arts (Art & Film) 6
General (outside Peck School of the Arts) 12
General (outside department) 3
*credit may be utilized in required curriculum areas
Musical Theatre Core 19 Credits
THEATRE 110 Acting I – Acting Process 3
THEATRE 213 Play Analysis 3
THEATRE 230 Acting II 3
THEATRE 236 Production and Design 3
THEATRE 321 Theatre History I 3
(Choose from below) 4
THEATRE 214 Stage Craft (with lab)
THEATRE 225 Costume Construction
Degree Curriculum 59 Credits
MUSIC 101 Fundamentals of Music 3
MUSIC 123 Aural Theory/Skills 1
MUSPERF 001 or 101 Piano  (2 sem) 2
MUSIC 142 Class Voice (group voice) 2
MUSIC 143 Class Voice (group voice) 2
MUSPERF 111 Voice Lessons (2 sem) 2
MUSPERF 311 Voice Lessons (4 sem) 8
DANCE 111, 112, etc. Ballet (3 sem) 6
DANCE 115, 116, 310 Jazz (3 sem) 6
DANCE 117 Tap I 2
DANCE 327 Dance for Musical Theatre I 2
DANCE 427 Dance for Musical Theatre II 2
THEATRE 231 Intro to Voice and Speech 3
THEATRE 408 Acting in Musical Theatre 3
THEATRE 470 Acting III 3
THEATRE 471 Acting IV 3
THEATRE 472 Performance Workshop Capstone 3
(Choose from below) 6
MUSIC 457 Opera Theatre (repeatable)
THEATRE 475 Rehearsal and Performance (repeatable)
DANCE 490 Repertoire and Ensemble (repeatable)
(Choose from Theatre, Music, or Dance class listings in consultation with advisor) 7


Profile Picture

Susan Wiedmeyer

MM, Vocal Performance | 2010

Susan has become a fixture on Milwaukee’s musical theater stages, singing roles with Milwaukee Opera Theatre and the Skylight that range from The Wizard of Oz’s sweetly lyrical Dorothy to Les Miserables’s tender-hearted Cosette to Candide’s pyrotechnic Cunégonde, who sings one of the most challenging songs in all musical theater (“Glitter and Be Gay”).


Art Director
Artistic Director
Business Consultant
Community Organizer
Conflict/Resolution Facilitator
Corporate Event Coordinator
Corporate Trainer
Costume Crafts Artisan
Costume Designer
Costume Director
Costume Draper/Cutter
Costume Dyer/Painter
Costume Shop Manager
Drapery Fabricator/Installer
Education Administrator
Fight Choreographer

Life Coach
Lighting Designer
Makeup Artist
Makeup Designer
Managing Director
Master Carpenter
Production Assistant
Production Manager
Professional Actor
Project Manager
Properties Designer
Properties Master
Props Artisan
Rigging Installer
Scenery Designer

Scenery Shop Manager
Scenic Artist
Set Decorator
Set Painter
Social Worker
Sound Designer
Sound Technician
Stage Carpenter
Stage Director
Stage Electrician
Stage Hand
Stage Manager
Staging Fabricator
Technical Director
Theatre Consultant
Theatre Equipment Sales
Trade Show Designer
Wardrobe Director


Dedicated Musical Theatre Faculty

profile photoMelissa Lynn Andersonandersml@uwm.edu

Lecturer, Dance

Lecturer, Musical Theatre

profile photoDavid Hoffmanhoffmade@uwm.eduMusic 351

Senior Lecturer, Voice

Voice Liaison, Musical Theatre

profile photoTanya Krusetkruse@uwm.eduMusic 341

Area Head, Vocal Performance

Associate Professor, Voice & Opera Theatre

profile photoGina Laurenzilaurenz4@uwm.edu

Associate Lecturer, Dance

Lecturer, Musical Theatre

profile photoSheri Williams Pannellpannell@uwm.eduArt T264

Area Head, Musical Theatre

Assistant Professor, Theatre

profile photoVanessa Weberschro457@uwm.eduMusic 321

Associate Lecturer, Music and Theatre

profile photoDarci Wutz(414) 229-3058darcwutz@uwm.eduMitchell 343B

Professor, Dance & Musical Theatre

Theatre Faculty & Staff